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  1. I searched your symptoms on google and found this:- "NOTE: Before making any attempt to remove or replace any part inside the casing, ensure that the power is off. Well, the first thing that might be causing this is your memory card (RAM). Try to remove it and place it in another memory slot on the motherboard. To be sure if your motherboard is still in good working condition, remove the memory card and power on the PC. You should hear continuous beep sounds. If you hear this then your motherboard is fine. If placing the memory card in another slot does not work then the problem lies with the memory card itself. You will need to replace it. It could also be that some faulting PCI cards are causing this error. Try to remove your PCI cards. Normally a faulting PCI modem causes this type of error. Remove it and then power on the pc." It may be worth having a look. I seem to remember having a similar issue years ago with an old PC and it may have been the PSU loosing a rail so my PC wasn't getting enough juice to boot up.
  2. New Member

    Oddly enough Binbrook was my first posting in 1985 I was there until it closed. The nissan hut where they were setting up the party for the crew in the film was the old station library and they used the "lazy runway" for the B17's taking off. If you look at the scenes of the Belle leaving it goes over the main one which was at the time still proper tarmac and markings lol
  3. OT -- Cats

    I hope this works. Meet Digit. Named bacause he has an extra one one each paw. He's maaaahhhoooooooosive we got him after our cat Clover whom we had for 13 or 14 yrs or so passed away. He loves a good scrap mainly with me but he always greets me when I get home and loves to rub his face on my goatee. and as you can see in the pic when he is about computer stuff has to stop hahahaha
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    Sandbagger I served 22 yrs as a GEF man and Coningsby was my last tour. Now working there as a civilian for BAE
  5. New Member

    Sandbagger I work at Coningsby so I am there every day
  6. New Member

    Blimey, best I report to the Mess Bar then I am sure my Batman can handle a tray of the strong stuff! CHEERS
  7. New Member

    Done and sent pal
  8. New Member

    Hiya folks. I finally got round to registering after playing OFF for a while. Just wanted to say what a cracking game real flying and seat of the pants dogfights. Keep your long range missiles this is the way to play. Cheers

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