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  1. It's been awhile

    Exactly, that's why I'm still running OFF.
  2. It's been awhile

    Hi Detlev, how are you? It will be good to get back in the air again. My rig is due for an upgrade but I'll wait 'till I can do Mother Board, CPU, and Ram all at once. Currently running a mb that only takes DDR2 memory and it works out expensive upgrading that. Current setup is: Asus M3A79-T Deluxe with Phenom II x2 550 at 3.2Gz 4 Gb Buffalo Firestix Ram ATI Radeon R9 200x 2Gb GPU
  3. It's been awhile

    Thanks Wayfarer. It all rings bells and is making some kind of sense. Thanks again
  4. Hi people. Well, those that still come here. After a few ups and downs I'm back to base but alas I cannot fly. I'm still running OFF for the time being and will upgrade to WOFF after practicing a bit. Unfortunately I'm getting error messages and it looks like a fresh install is required. The trouble is I can't remember how that's done. I know there are a few files that stay and have to be removed manually but....? Can anyone with a good memory help an aged airman?
  5. I know how you feel, m8. Hang on in there.
  6. Takes road rage to a new level.
  7. I look around the field every day but for me too life has changed. I still get to fly OFF ocassionaly but not as often as I'd like. Can't afford to upgrade the rig for WOFF yet - still rebuilding my business after my illness and that's a long uphill struggle. It will all come good in the end. Even though I'm not a frequent poster here, I'd still miss it if I didn't drop in.
  8. Grounded With WOFF

    Sorry to hear you're still having troubles m8. I've got the ram problem with my planned upgrade too. DDR2 is more expensive and hard to come by. I'm not sure I'd resort to second hand ram though. Seems too risky.
  9. I got airborne in WOFF!

    I'll follow suit at some stage.
  10. I had an album by Alan Stivell once. Don't know what happened to it. The only harp I play is the blues harp - a bit different to say the least.
  11. WOFF Verdun Map Completed

    Stunning piece of cartography, Lou.
  12. Ah, a hole in reality or has it gone the way of all old jigsaw puzzles - you redo it only to find it incomplete. Beware, Se5s could fall through any minute.
  13. I like Cornwall but haven't been for a while. I can remember parking on the beach at Port Isaac and hoping the tide tables were right. Also fishing off rocks just North of there was a bit hairy.
  14. Guess the Height Contest

    Don't feel so bad. I was the same.

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