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  1. Thanks. I have already added your mi24 (25) flight model to the mi 24 i was going to fly and she now flies pretty well. Thanks for your work.
  2. Mmm. The game seems kinda interesting.. ok, very interesting, but is it like strike fighters 2 but with helos, like the same gameplay with choosing load out, skin, managing your squadron and that type of stuff? By looking at it, it has a dynamic campaign and it looks like sf2... But, I wanna make sure before i buy lol. And actually the main reason i wanted helos in sf2 is because it has fighters which can **** u if u make any mistake with your helo and u know..... to have both on the battlefield. Does the game u mentioned feature al fighters to kinda threat your presence. With many thanks doc,
  3. I know the mi 24 isn't supposed to be in strike fighters lol. U know, I kinda saw it in the moblie version of the game (strike fighters modern combat). So, I thought about why not have some helos mods in sf2 because why not. Thanks for your suggestion and answer.
  4. Hey lads, as the title says, I wanted to see if there is a good mi 24 mod because I had been searching for awhile and only found a great one with lots of potential but it's flight model is unfinished. Still I thank the modder for his work tho. It must be really hard to make a good flight model for a helo (and to control it too lol. This isn't a f35 which i suck at controlling too lol). I have seen many uh1 and Apache mods. So I am wondering... Is there is a good mi 24 mod in the works or something like that? U know the flying tank is a legendary cold war helo, it kinda deserves an entire pack lol. I am open to surprises too lol. And maybe another tiny question, how to make sf1 mods work in sf2? That's it, waiting for your reply lads.
  5. Some annoying start and end dates for aircrafts,skins, and sometimes nations' usage of these aircrafts. These are the type of issues which are easy to forget, and it took long checking these entries for every single unit. I have used google to know these aircrafts' service dates and they did contradict with the aircraft's users and data dates. Just a small problem from thier modders. still, I appreciate their work tho. And that's not a big mistake, it's just a small tweaks in the aircraft users files and it's all done.
  6. Lol nevermind got to fix it with the help of rusty kurnass. I am gonna post a toturial about it after some trial and error experiments.
  7. Mmm... I hope that my entries are clear. However, do u know what's is wrong with em? Tried to make them higher than normal mission rate and in other experiments lower than em. Moreover, both didn't work for me. So, I am quite confused about it.
  8. Doesn't seem to be working for me for some reason This is one of the entries [AirUnit018] AircraftType=Canberra6 Squadron=016IAF ForceID=2 Nation=India DefaultTexture=RAFCAMO1 BaseArea=Jalalabad Airbase BaseMoveChance=0 RandomChance=100 MaxAircraft=20 StartAircraft=20 MaxPilots=20 StartPilots=20 Experience=100 Intelligence=20 Morale=100 Supply=100 MissionChance[SWEEP]=0 MissionChance[CAP]=0 MissionChance[INTERCEPT]=0 MissionChance[ESCORT]=0 MissionChance=90 MissionChance[CAS]=75 MissionChance[SEAD]=30 MissionChance[ARMED_RECON]=35 MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP]=80 MissionChance[RECON]=75 UpgradeType=Fixed Upgrade[01].Date=6/5/1980 Upgrade[01].Type=MiG-25RU Upgrade[01].Texture=RAFCAMO1 Upgrade[02].Date=6/6/1981 Upgrade[02].Type=MiG-25RU Upgrade[02].Texture=IAFSilver1 My normal mission's rate is 360 so the difference between skin and aircraft upgrade is one day higher than it and i have some which are months or weeks higher and they didn't work too... Offensive mission rate is 90 What seems to be wrong here and ground units refuse to upgrade aswell see GroundUnit001] GroundObjectType=T-55 UnitName=1st Tank division ForceID=1 Nation=Afghanistan BaseArea=Taliban Warlord Capital south of Lashkar Gar RandomChance=100 StartObjects=100 MaxObjects=100 Experience=80 Morale=100 Supply=100 Intelligence=70 UpgradeType=Fixed Upgrade[01].Date=10/5/1973 Upgrade[01].Type=T-62A Upgrade[01].Texture=Tan That's for ground units. And I checked their folders and they are alright. So, I don't know the cause of this problem for now or should I follow the same path with em as the aircraft like upgrading the tank first then the skin.. Thanks in advance.. Sorry for the paragraph look, I don't really know what is the cause for this..
  9. Thanks for the help. This problem was really a pain in the u know what lol
  10. That's for us, but what about the al. Sure no one wants a t62 with a green skin in Afghanistan lol or an indian mig 21 with polish camo. It doesn't seems like there is a way to control their skins? If there I would appreciate it if u tell me lol
  11. Yeah, I did tried to make them both afghanisilver1 like the first one (even though I don't have a folder with that name) and it worked but I can't control the skin as it just picks it randomly lol. However, tk campaigns does upgrade aircrafts and it uses a reasonable commands like mine, not the same plane or the same skin name, how is that though?
  12. After answering the first question, I want to know how does the campaign upgrade system work. For instance, what affects it for the player and Al? What is all factors affecting this system,? And I have noticed a werid thing when I put afghanisilver1 (a skin which doesn't exist, but it's the mig21f skin above) rather than the real Afghanistan3 skin in my mig21mf folder, the aircraft upgrades and I don't know how it did that with a skin which doesn't exist, and it was using the first of its skins I think Algeria and if the first folder is czech, it will use czech. So, why does that happen ?
  13. Hey guys, I have already made my campaign and it's working fine. Moreover, aircrafts' squadrons with UpgradeType=ANY did respond to the command, but I can't upgrade my mig 21 for a weird reason. Look, UpgradeType=FIXED Upgrade[01].Date=6/5/1973 Upgrade[01].Type=MiG-21MF Upgrade[01].Texture=Afghanistan3 Upgrade[02].Date=6/5/1979 Upgrade[02].Type=MiG-21bis Upgrade[02].Texture=SovietCamo1 All aircrafts here has the name of their respective folder in object/aircraft, and that's the same case with texture as it has got the same folder's name. So, I don't really get the idea why it's not working should I gave it it's ingame texture name or use the texture folder's name (which I am already using) ? Or is there is something wrong with the command as it's under the missions types' commands not above it? Thanks for your help in advance.
  14. How to generate planning map lol? It worked fine, but if I can use the planning mode it will be easier

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