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  1. Yeah, I did tried to make them both afghanisilver1 like the first one (even though I don't have a folder with that name) and it worked but I can't control the skin as it just picks it randomly lol. However, tk campaigns does upgrade aircrafts and it uses a reasonable commands like mine, not the same plane or the same skin name, how is that though?
  2. After answering the first question, I want to know how does the campaign upgrade system work. For instance, what affects it for the player and Al? What is all factors affecting this system,? And I have noticed a werid thing when I put afghanisilver1 (a skin which doesn't exist, but it's the mig21f skin above) rather than the real Afghanistan3 skin in my mig21mf folder, the aircraft upgrades and I don't know how it did that with a skin which doesn't exist, and it was using the first of its skins I think Algeria and if the first folder is czech, it will use czech. So, why does that happen ?
  3. Hey guys, I have already made my campaign and it's working fine. Moreover, aircrafts' squadrons with UpgradeType=ANY did respond to the command, but I can't upgrade my mig 21 for a weird reason. Look, UpgradeType=FIXED Upgrade[01].Date=6/5/1973 Upgrade[01].Type=MiG-21MF Upgrade[01].Texture=Afghanistan3 Upgrade[02].Date=6/5/1979 Upgrade[02].Type=MiG-21bis Upgrade[02].Texture=SovietCamo1 All aircrafts here has the name of their respective folder in object/aircraft, and that's the same case with texture as it has got the same folder's name. So, I don't really get the idea why it's not working should I gave it it's ingame texture name or use the texture folder's name (which I am already using) ? Or is there is something wrong with the command as it's under the missions types' commands not above it? Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. How to generate planning map lol? It worked fine, but if I can use the planning mode it will be easier
  5. Thanks for the help. I am trying to use the terrain editor to see the map and decide which strategic nodes I will connect in my campaign, however, when I open a map (Afghanistan in my case) it just shows the terrain without any airport/cities or grids. What I have done wrong ?
  6. Sorry for disturbing, but I couldn't find it. Looked there twice
  7. Oh thanks. However, does anyone have a link for terrain editor, when I try to download it from thirdwire site it directs me to 404 error
  8. http://simhq.net/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2184467/Editing_Campaigns.html This one almost covers it all ☺️, but i still don't know if should I set forward air controller to true or false lol
  9. Thanks, should I include these FACs? I actually don't even remember them lol.
  10. Alright I'll look for it, thanks for your time.
  11. Hey mates, this one is quite hard for me. So, i will need your help. Force001] Alignment=FRIENDLY Nation=ISRAEL BaseArea=Tel Aviv AirOffensive[001].Primary=LARGE_RUNWAY,MEDIUM_RUNWAY- how do I determine those i know that time hitting the Egyptian runways was important, however, I usually copy it from any campaign although I don't realy understand these lines lol AirOffensive[001].Secondary=SMALL_RUNWAY,EW_RADAR,TOWER,HANGAR AirOffensive[002].Primary=HANGAR,EW_RADAR AirOffensive[002].Secondary=LARGE_RUNWAY,MEDIUM_RUNWAY,SMALL_RUNWAY,TOWER AirOffensive[003].Primary=LARGE_RUNWAY,MEDIUM_RUNWAY,SMALL_RUNWAY,TOWER,HANGAR AirOffensive[003].Secondary=EW_RADAR,COMM_BUILDING AirOffensive[004].Primary=COMM_BUILDING,EW_RADAR AirOffensive[004].Secondary=LARGE_RUNWAY,MEDIUM_RUNWAY,TOWER,HANGAR AirOffensive[005].Primary=FUEL_STORAGE,AMMO_STORAGE,WAREHOUSE AirOffensive[005].Secondary=LARGE_RUNWAY,MEDIUM_RUNWAY,COMM_BUILDING,EW_RADAR AirOffensive[006].Primary=LARGE_RUNWAY,MEDIUM_RUNWAY AirOffensive[006].Secondary=COMM_BUILDING,EW_RADAR,FUEL_STORAGE,AMMO_STORAGE,WAREHOUSE AirOffensive[007].Primary=BRIDGE AirOffensive[007].Secondary=COMM_BUILDING,EW_RADAR,FUEL_STORAGE,AMMO_STORAGE,WAREHOUSE AirOffensive[008].Primary=LARGE_RUNWAY,MEDIUM_RUNWAY,COMM_BUILDING,EW_RADAR AirOffensive[008].Secondary=BRIDGE AirOffensive[009].Primary=COMM_BUILDING,EW_RADAR AirOffensive[009].Secondary=LARGE_RUNWAY,MEDIUM_RUNWAY,FUEL_STORAGE,AMMO_STORAGE,WAREHOUSE AirOffensive[010].Primary=ANY AirOffensive[010].Secondary=ANY GroundOffensiveAllowed=FALSE StartGroundOffensive=100-days to start ground offensive, aren't they? StartInterdiction=1- what does this line exacly do ? Morale=100 Supply=10 //Supply=80 NormalSupplyRate=15 //NormalSupplyRate=25 OffensiveSupplyRate=-20 DefensiveSupplyRate=-5 SupplyForOffensive=60 AircraftReplacementTime=30 AircraftReplacement=50 GroundUnitReplacementTime=15 GroundUnitReplacement=100 RandomTransportType=ANY WeaponResupplyTime=180- what is the difference between it and NormalSupplyRate ? StartAirDefenseLevel=1 AllowRandomAceCreation=FALSE RulesOfEngagement=FALSE- what are this line effects? UseFAC=FALSE- what is that ? RandomCAP=TRUE- random combat air patrol, isn't it? LimitTargetToActiveRunway=TRUE- what is its function MaxSecondaryStrikes=1- don't even know that there is a secondary strikes //MaxSecondaryStrikes=3 - why is it repeated ? Thanks in advance.
  12. Yeah thanks, one more thing if u don't mind, can I control the missions' time? For instance, I want all my campaign missions to be at morning/day or the reverse or both. Is this even possible or is this is for single missions only ?
  13. Oh thanks, thats a very clear answer, but is it random? like normal mission rate 30 and NormalMissionRateDeviation is 10, the chances it will be lesser or higher (20-40 in this example) are random or not?

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