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  1. Hog Sqd

    A new Virtual Hog-squadron in the air..... The website will be onb-air within two weeks but you can already visit our forum and try to contact us up there. We're a 100% Hawg dedicated squadron and try to simulate the reality as close as possible that means HARD-CORE simulation! http://virtualfighterpilot.com/forum/index.php
  2. Ha Dice, I agree (read my first reply on this topic) the only think I like about the Falcon4-Hog is the Aeyes cockpit that's what i try to say... and I prefere a good looking 2D cockpit above a 3D cockpit that look not that good... I totaly agree with the things like Flightodel, damagemodel & avionics
  3. 2D cockpit in F4 supports working buttons, switches, MFD's etc....
  4. I've flew some hours in the FalconSp3 Hog... but there's one thing I hate... everytime I entered the battlefield at treetop level some grunts with Kalasnikovs can shoot me out of the air... so long story short... the damage-model in Falcon4SP3 isn't accurate.... The things I like about the F4SP3 Hog>> the brilliant Aeyes Hog-pit (Supapit)... that pit look much better than the LoMac Hog-pit

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