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  1. Track Ir 3 Pro

    Thanks Foofighter. I've been waiting for all of the bugs and kinks to be worked out of TrackIR as it applies to LOMAC, and from the article, it seems it has been fixed. I guess I just need to give in a buy the thing:) No need to wait any further. Thanks for the help.
  2. Is anyone using Track IR3 Pro for LOMAC yet? Just wondering if it was worth the cost or should I get an older version? Also, does anyone know of any deals for this, i.e. promotion code, etc? Thanks.
  3. I'm stuck on mission 3 of Hawg's Life campaign: Here comes the Marines. I shot the Shilka and bombed some of the ground targets around the runway and I let the FA18's bomb whatever they choose. I get a partial success but it doesn't progress to mission 4. Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong or how to get to the next mission? Thanks in advance. -Psychobabble
  4. Payload Editor

    Thanks much JayJay!
  5. Does anyone know how to put 6 Maverick K's and 4 Maverick D's on a single A10? I've seen several people do it for coop A10 games, but I can't seem to add them on individually. It seems I can only select the payload combinations from the pull down menu for payload. Do you need a payload editor program or am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance. -Psychobabble
  6. Sorry if this is a silly question, but when you launch a game from ubisoft.com lobby, will it use the speed shortcut or not? I made 2 shortcuts from desktop as suggested from above, naming the new one LockOn Speed. Do I have to make a change elsewhere to have the computer use the Speed shortcut when the game automatically launches from ubisoft.com lobby? How will it know if I have two shortcuts on my desktop?
  7. I was trying to download MRLS Hunter from the custom missions and I get to a page that gives me the LOMAC keycard instead. I really want to play this mission, the description sounds awesome. Has anyone successfully DL'd this mission? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks for the tip! It's a cheaper and faster alternative and I'm all for freedom of choice! Nic Cole's manual is quite nice looking, though.
  9. Looking For New Missions

    Thanks for everyones input. I will DL and fly these ASAP!
  10. Just asking to see if anyone knows any sites for new custom missions, esp for the A10, but I'm interested in all of the aircraft. I know MadJeff has a thread for missions in another section of the Forums, but I haven't seen any responses. Custom missions, esp well thought out ones or historical ones, were, IMHO, what made the Jane's series even better. I'm always on the lookout for them!
  11. Patch/add On's

    I love the game so far! I would like to see add-ons, a la Jane's, from US Navy Fighters to NATO Fighters to ATF to Fighters Anthology, for example. I agree with Snapple in that a logical progression would be carrier ops next, then what have you. I would be willing to pay for addons, it's only fair to the developers for their time and effort. It's funny that you mentioned Falcon4, MadJeff! I still fly it, but it was indeed a nightmare for the first 6 to 8 months. Whenever I hear grumblings about bugs in LOMAC, I just laugh because if they had that same experience, maybe they would appreciate LOMAC and how hard Wags, Carl, and Co are working to make LOMAC enjoyable for all.
  12. I wanted to let everyone know a fix I found for owners of Radeon 9600 Pro cards who have a problem with lock ups, especially when you go to the Options screen. Apparently, lots of owners with this card had prob with lock ups. Mine would lock up in any of the choices from the main menu except the Quick FLY buttons, but I would lock up if I crashed or tried to end teh mission by hitting the ESC key. I found the solution in a thread at Ubi.soft's LOMAC tech forum site. One way is to lower the hardware acceleration on the ATI display settings advanced troubleshoot section just 1 scale (disable cursor acceleration). You get a blinking cursor but no lockups! The other way is to enable fastwrites in BIOS, but I'm not that computer saavy to know how to do this. I just wanted to pass this info on because it took me a week to figure this out!!!
  13. Does anyone have the mission objectives for each of the missions in the campaign? My comp will lock up on me when I chose campaign if I don't hit the FLY button when I get to the mission objectives page very quickly, thus I don't have enough time to read them, LOL! This is the farthest I've gotten to play this game, so I'm happy I can even fly a mission. Must be something in my computer, but I just got it a week ago just to play LOMAC and I have nothing else on it except LOMAC. I've tried to upgrade to all of the drivers and mess around with antialiasing and aniso filtering and virtual memory. Thanks to all of those tips from you guys. My comp is very quirky about locking up, so I have to walk on eggshells so to speak. At the end of every crash, I have to reboot if I hit QUIT; but if i hit CNTRL+ALT+DEL and end task, I can just restart the game. I love this game, I just seem to have to jump through a lot of hoops to fly, LOL! No matter, Falcon4 was much more problematic at the start. Ya gotta keep perspective, LOL!
  14. Thanks Archer and Sdirickson! I don't know how I could be so studpid! HAHA! I guess I didn't bother reading the manual too well......was too eager to fly!
  15. I can't seem to get my bombs or A2G ordance to drop, but I can jettison them and I can shoot missiles and the gun. BTW, I can only fly on the quick start panes from the Main Menu, otherwise the comp locks up if I choose anything on the navigation bar. Does anyone else have this problem? -Psychobabble

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