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  1. I finally found out how to do everything except installing weapons. I downloaded the weapons pack and installed it but now none of my weapons are showing up in the game. Sure could use some help.
  2. Hi Its been along time since Ive played Wings over europe and Im just getting back into it but having a hard time remembering how to do anything. I cant get the KMD to work. My missions dont show up in the game and dont know how to install some of the planes, for example the F-14D. I also need to know how to get the phoenix missile to show up in the load out. If someone can direct me to the where I can get some instructions or help I would greatly appreciate greatly. Thank you
  3. Hi Im trying to install flying all planes but haveing problem being able to control the planes. They just dont responde. Has anyone encountered the same problem? If someone could help me out I would gladly appreciate it Thanks
  4. Eurofighter typhoon

    I tried the way you mention but that only works for vehicles. I need to know how to target buildings like control towers. Please check the manual again and let me know soon. Ill be waiting for your reply. Thanks
  5. Eurofighter typhoon

    thanks for the reply. I will try it
  6. Hi Just trying some old games and started playing eurofighter typhoon again but dont have the manual. Can someone who still remeber the game know how to drop paveway and target ground targets? Could really use some help. Thanks
  7. F14 skin please

    Hi Just want to know if anyone know where I can find new skins for the F14. Im fly all planes and like flying the F14 but need some new skin to make it more interesting. Thanks
  8. Hi Im trying to fly the f14 with f15 cockpit but the cockpit is all screwed up. Theres a black bloch right in front of the plane. Ive tried making adjustments in the options but nothing works. Anyone with any suggestions? I would like to try downloading from another site but cant find another. Please help. Thank you
  9. FF4 RV?

  10. FF4 RV?

    Hi I need more information concerningFF4 RV. If someone could tell me where I can get it I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you
  11. :shock: A10 gun is not lining up with the reticle. Is there a way to fix this?
  12. :shock: Could someone give me some pointers on dropping bombs? Thank you
  13. :shock: A10 gun is not lining up with the reticle. Is there anyway to fix this?
  14. :shock: Where can i download the F5E tiger?
  15. :shock: Is it possible to fly the A10 in the campaign?

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