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  1. This Sim Fighter Squadron--WW1 Is New To Me.Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy It?.Is It Hard On A System Like ROF?My PC Would Run Everything Smoothly Except It Has PCI Only.[Geforce 8400]
  2. ArgonV, Are There Anymore Patches That I Should Consider?. [For FS-WW1] My Version Is
  3. Thanks Jason.Great Job. Any Plans On Adding a Patch With Campaigns?Game Could Use One.
  4. 33 Lima,I Got FS-WW1 ver.1.06 Up And Running.It Runs Well.But I'm Having Trouble Tracking The Enemy Planes.[i'm Used To The Targeting Option Like In FE2]Also On My Saitek X52 flight Control The Throttle Does Not Function.I Have To Use The Slider In Front.Funny,I Have The Same Problem With Pacific Fighters And Il-2.Both Ubisoft Sims Never Did Figure It Out.
  5. Thanks 33 Lima.I'll Try That Way. I Have FE2 With 7/2010 Patch. I Like It Alot.
  6. I Found The Site Where FS-WW1 Is,But There Are So Many Files,Which Is The Basic Game To Start With?
  7. Thanks Panama Red. Maybe I'll Try It.
  8. I Think I Tried That One A Long Time Ago.Either I Didn't Like It Or It Didn't Run Well.CFS3 Was Always Sluggish By It's Self.
  9. Getting Started

    My Bad,I Replied At The Wrong place.
  10. Getting Started

    Thanks,I'm A Newbie Here.I've Always Had Trouble Installing Mods/Addons When They Are ZipFiles,Etc. And Don't Have Auto Install.

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