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  1. Is anyone playing this game with a SB16? I have one (yeah yeah I know, upgrade) but the card seems to be slowing this game to a crawl. Whenever something happens audio wise, it stutters. I had to listen to around 3 minutes of stuttering when loading a mission too. My PC is a good one graphics wise, so I'm pretty sure it's the SB. Any comments regarding this card and the game? do I need to go buy a current spec card?
  2. Ugh, this game seems to have some problems. With an Athlon 2000, 256mb ram, Ge Force 4, it's stuttering all over the place. I have to wait 5 seconds just to fire a missile. I'm not sure why. Someone said maybe it's sound related. *shrug* runs like a dog sadly. Windows XP is the OS. The game itself seems ok but its unplayable with the constant hanging. My plane is diving for the ground before I get control again.

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