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  1. Bout time we got a taste of this Sim. Hats off to the Germans, finally they did the right thing.Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You can tell this is a Beta 5, feels just like Flanker 2.5. Hope the finished product is more polished than this. I hope UBI realizes they keep dangling the carrot and don't deliver, they are gonna have some very pissed off people. And their marketing department better realize that there are hard core flight simmers out there that can support the sales on this game. It just shows me they have been very lazy in their marketing research. I know cause that is what my degree is, and I actively practice everyday. It just amazes me that it has taken this long, either they have very poor project management, or no money, or both. Oh well I am gonna trust UBI to do the right thing, if they don't they will never get my money again, no matter how good the game. There are old pilots and bold pilots but no old bold pilots

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