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  1. Current State of Fighte Ops

    Uh, just finished reading various threads over at Frugal's on the topic of Fighter Ops and was wasn't sounding too good. Then the FO sight is goes down. Can anyone give me the dig on the current status of Fighter Ops? Seriously, all politics aside, what's the deal? "Here today, outdated tomorrow." - Unknown
  2. Yeah, that forum's never been too high on my list. Whenever the main topic is anything about favorite airplanes, worthless 'flyable' mods, question after lazy question (read the manual first) and of course videos and doctored screenshots (last time I checked, screenshots were supposed to be what the sim actually looks like), you know the forum is rather 'young'. Do what I do and scope the left side for names like Stormin and any of the ED team - those are usually the only ones worth reading. I'll have to get over here at Biohaz more often. SimHQ is usually top-notch as far as content and conduct. And if you own a HOTAS Cougar, Frugal's Cougar forums are indispensible (hey, Guillemont isn't going to help you). "No news is good news." - Unknown
  3. Thrustmaster's site sucks. Frugal's is the community that's kept many a Cougar (mine included) from keeling over dead. Visit it at: http://forums.frugalsworld.com/vbb/forumdi...hp?s=&forumid=8
  4. Looking pretty good! With the news of the readme getting finished this week (at least that's Carl's plan) we may actually recieve this sim in winter 2003 (not 2004)!

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