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  1. Gun Footage...this Is Graphic Be Warned.

    They were uniformed soldiers "defending" their country not terrorists... which doesn`t change a thing. They were combatants and got seriously "combatted". It was no different then an ambush on the ground. Whether it`s Claymores or DU rounds from the air - they were fair game. That`s it.
  2. Senator Kerry And Hanoi Jane

    No, no flame. (at least from me) I try to keep my "pilot light" under control when it comes to politics. Maybe I`m just numbed out! As far as Bush and Kerry are concerned - I have mixed feelings about both. Yes, my blood pressure does jump a little whenever somebody brings up Bush-Chaney dealings and Bush`s "smirk". Generally, I agree with a lot of stuff you said. And Snapple - no deaf ears there either.
  3. Ex-blue Angels F-18 On Ebay

    I never bothered checking it out on Ebay, but today I had a chance to see it on CNN... heck, this bird is in "ready-five" condition!
  4. Senator Kerry And Hanoi Jane

    ... and to sum it all up - quote from a guy on UBI`s forum: Politicians are like diapers. They have to be changed frequently for the same reason.
  5. Greb, if you can do this - you`re the man!!! Thanks for the effort. Binary?!!! - errgh!
  6. Falcon 4 Sp4 Coming Really Soon

    Looks like b-testers are doing some serious work! Not to mention F4UT. Looking forward to it.
  7. Noooo! Not a bit of C4 in there. Trust me, it would be a much different picture if that tank was full of it! ...These 2 clips (Hornet and the Eagles) scared the heck out of me!
  8. Lomac

    I`ve done my share of complaining about Lomac. No sense repeating all that stuff. I do play the sim, maybe not to the extent that I would like to but still... It cracks me up once in a while to find details (visual, flight dynamics, etc.) that I would never expect in this sim. (too many system simplifications and shortcuts) Recently I was taxiing for TO in an F-15 and decided to test fire the gun on the tower. (I hate the parrot-controller in Lomac!). The Eagle actually rolled back from recoil!!! These whacky devs! Maybe now they could focus on other aspects of the sim. For now, I have only 2 wishes: 1) Working Antenna Elev. and 2) Raise the pilots seat (viewing angle) to allow for realistic landings. I know! - # 2 wish will probably never happen. But # 1 - who knows?
  9. Santa Smilies

    Hey Cretin, your previous sig was all right too. You needed to tighten up those groups on the bullseye though B)
  10. Flight Simmers = Terrorists

    Maybe now Homeland Security will jump on Bill Gates for providing terrorist training material.
  11. Jeez! That guy in the back (probably incentive rider) was totaly hipnotized, mesmerized and eager to RTB! And that F-16 needs a little tender loving care from the maintainers! <_< Cool vids though. Shows you how hectic the ATC can be at times.
  12. No problems whatsoever! Yes, you do need to tweek it though. I set up a pretty wide dead zone and slowed it down quite a bit, except for the marginal angles.
  13. Just installed it. TrackIr is a go!!! :P :P :P Now, let`s see how Eagle`s radar swings up and down. So far so good... oops - it`s stuck Back to scenic flight and good ol` Hog.
  14. Finally A New Monitor....

    No flat panels in my "sim room". Still using Sony E540 (21"). But for quite some time, strange thoughts of projectors and curved screens have been swirling in my head. One more obstacle to overcome - my wife! Maybe, sometime this year?
  15. Riddle Me This

    Leaving the issue of "gun grabbers" and other political stuff aside, the age issue reflects the society "bigger picture". I`m sure you`re a responsible and disciplined guy but just look around! Like MrMudd said, being a member of the Citadel, you could probably come up with ideas that would be approved by private or state, local authorities. Now MrMudd, I was laughing my a** off when I pictured you walking with your Anshutz at 5 AM past the sheriff`s patrol car! B)

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