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  1. Hello. I recently downloaded strike fighters 2 Europe along with the TMF superpack (V1.20). I am having issues with the weapons and cockpit. My VDI display appears as a white blank and I cannot use the radar or equip the AIM-54's (only sidewinder's and sparrow's) in the load out screen. Is there a way to fix these issues without downloading sf2:na? Or did I just make a mistake when adding the files to my game? Thanks in advance.
  2. No. Im figuring out where to import them.
  3. Hello everyone. I just purchased strikefighters 2 europe and need some help. I downloaded the F-14 superpack (added B model cats into game only). The problem is that there is no engine sounds or afterburner effect. How do i fix this??
  4. Has anyone planned to make an F-14B mod for wings over europe to complement the mirage factory A cat?

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