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  1. Hello there fellow area 88 fans I am looking for a group of modders, mission builders, anything that you could do to help me on this project. I already have sombody working on the map and terrain but he could use any help he could possibly get. I would greatly appreciate any help you would like to offer. If you have any questions regarding the Area 88 mod or if you wish to join shoot me a message or email me at dylan_weathers@yahoo.com thank you. If i do not get back to you you immediatly it is because my internet is on and off recently. Its just screwing up so if im late geting back to you know that im not and any help is greatlty apprecitated.
  2. Area88 (1985) (2004) + 3

    I am having the same problem as him, SOMEONE HELP US BOTH PLEASE!!!!!!

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