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  1. New Chinese Stealth Fighter F60

    Did they really steal the data, or did we give it to them? Don't really trust our politicians these days.
  2. You opinion on buying second hand joystick

    Sounds like a good deal, I would've gone for it as well.
  3. Obutto cockpit and Flight Sims

    Ok, so I didn't check it out right away. Just read it now :P Looks really good for flight sim, I'll have to look into getting a good joystick. Any of you guys recommend a certain brand? For the most part, I enjoyed the review. It's very comfortable and I actually fall asleep quite a bit sometimes if I'm up late. It does everything I need it to, and I have no complaints at all.
  4. Obutto cockpit and Flight Sims

    Thanks, I'll check it out in a sec.
  5. Obutto Gaming Cockpit

    Whoa, nice triple monitors! ^^
  6. Obutto cockpit and Flight Sims

    I currently have an Obutto Ozone cockpit, but never really got into Flight sims much. Does anyone else have one, and was it that difficult to mount the flight stick and maybe other accessories to it? I've tried IL-2 before, but not with mounted flight stick. I don't know how you guys do it, I was super lucky if I could even shoot down one plane in a dogfight.

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