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  1. Aloha, All, Strike Fighters has a special place in my heart, as a flight sim of great potential. I am in the process of making a revision of my website to reflect SFP1. www.hammerheadsquadron.com An ole and faithfull virtual Naval flight sim squadron that for years incorporated the original Novalogic F22, IBS/F16/Mig29 and F22Lightning 3. Unfortunately, after all these years Lightning3 is slowly dying out, pilots are burnt out and are heading out to greener pasture. Just would like to mention, anyone interested in joining a squadron for SFP1 that haven't already just drop me a line. We be starting fresh and with complete overhaul. Over a long period time have been pondering over the flight sims Lockon, JF4/5,Falcon4 and this is the way to go...nothing too complex, but still a flight sim that can be a real blast online. We have a Naval ranking system but not a strict military guideline. What it comes down to.. is being there for flight pratices/training, getting online to fly, being available for squadron wars...participaction. Remember this is only a computer virtual flight sim game not the real thing. Regards, ShoGunny <=H=<< P.S. When site is has been redone will place a link here.
  2. Fast Eagle Is A Fraud...

    Good Mornin, Gents, Copy and Roger that! Why am I not surprised about this.....this internet is a virtual world with at least a dozen peeps leading virtual unreal life lives as military pilots ...doctors...etc.(being sarcastic here) And that is why I take everthin with a grain a salt bein an ole coote. When I say a flight sim is just a game...it appears some take it further...and personally it does not impress me wether one is for real or not(Shania Twain song) Be there ...fly and have fun as a squad/team mate...is all that really matters in my book. Besides, I think a real jetfighter pilot will fly like crap on a pc....LOL. Keep your stick on ice! Regards, Gunny X-143rder. :ph34r:
  3. Aloha, All, Well,I am learning that patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to all flight sims. This sim has great potential, thanks to TK, and all the modders/skinners workin on additional features.....I hope, we don't go way overboard on the essentials. SF was realistically named a project, and projects are ongoing....and what I see and hear it's all worth the wait. I don't post much, but read more....ole coote's syndrome, I reckon. While I am here, I would like to ask, if I can get my hands on a Main Screen that came out awhile back...which I lost...done by I believe Lobo..with the Crusader...if that is possible...it was very well done...I think the modern day term used is "sweet"...lol Anyways, hang tight, keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up gents! Regards, Gunny ;)

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