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  1. OT- Artwork of Harry Dempsey

    Thanks JFM. Perhaps you're right, but maybe there is an Osprey employee out there who is surfing the net right now, looking for ways to increase company revenues. Perhaps he or she will come across this thread, take credit for the idea of selling more artwork, and sell the idea to the higher-ups. Highly unlikely, but I can hope. In all seriousness, thank you for offer. I will certainly keep it in mind. Incredible profiles!
  2. Run time error 76 ?

    Olham, I don't mean to quibble, but I think CW3SF and I both used the terms we did so we could get an accurate response and solution. When you go to the doctor, simply telling him that you are "less than well" won't really help him diagnose the problem. Instead, if you have a fever, then you tell the doctor that you have a fever. Same thing here. The computer error was very specific "Run time error 76" so that is what we told everyone was the problem because we were looking for quick and effective help. And if anyone else has a similiar problem, he can search the net using the same terms (like I did), and find the answer (like I did i.e. error was likely due to my failure to patch BH&H before downloading HITR, so "run time error 76" is probably an operator error and not the game's fault). As someone who as abandoned many games when I couldn't easily find a fix for the bugs, I think being very specific in describing the problems actually will help find solutions which, in turn, will help further gamer retention. Again, not trying to quibble. Just thought I should explain.
  3. Has anyone created an OFF skin for Hans Kirschstein's Fokker D.VII that they wouldn't mind sharing? I know his Dr.I skin is part of the OFF standard set of skins, but I haven't found his DVII skin in OFF or elsewhere. From my understanding, HK extended the black and white stripped paint scheme over his entire D.VII included nose and bottom wing (see pic). I ask because years ago when I flew German fighters in the original Red Baron PC game, the black and white striped pattern over the entire plane was my skin of choice. Call me nostalgic, but I would like to see it again. Thanks
  4. OT- Artwork of Harry Dempsey

    Incredible work, and thanks to everyone for the information. I don't think I was clear in my last post. I'm not criticizing Osprey for their contracts. It only makes sense. However, I do wish Osprey would sell its artwork as prints. I believe it does offer some artwork for sale, but a substantial number of great artwork is only available in these all-or-nothing memberships which I don't believe actually offer the artwork for purchase- just for viewing. Of course, it may just be a case of supply and demand (Osprey thinks no demand so no supply), but I think a print-after-order arrangment would mean no hardcopy inventory to keep around (which means little upfront costs too). So even if demand was low, Osprey could still sale the artwork it already owns, and make a few extra bucks. Oh well...
  5. OT- Artwork of Harry Dempsey

    Thanks Hauksbee. I thought it was extremely puzzling too since his artwork is very good. So I thought it should be available for sale somewhere. However, I have a theory. It looks like Osprey Publishing (which features many Dempsey works in its WWI books) offers "memberships" where you pay $175 a year, and you are given "access" to aviation artwork. I don't exactly know what "access" means. I suspect it doesn't include the ability to reproduce any artwork for your own display. Instead, it is simly a right to view the artwork. So to funnel people into these memberships, Osprey (I suspect) isn't allowing you to purchase Dempsey's work individually or through another website. I suspect Osprey has this power to keep Dempsey's artwork from the rest of us because it has an exclusivity provision in it's contract with Dempsey. Again, this is all an educated guess. So I could be completely wrong. I hope someone does prove me wrong. I wouldn't mind a few colored prints of his work on my walls. Also, I've seen alot of great artwork in "Over the Front" magazine, so if someone can recommend another artist (whose works are available without costing an arm and a leg), I would be grateful.
  6. Does anyone know where I can purchase prints of Harry Dempsey's artwork? I see his artwork in many Osprey Publishing books on WWI aviation, but I can't find a site that sells Dempsey's work. If nothing is available, does anyone have other WWI aviation artist recommendations that are available? Thanks in advance for the responses.
  7. Run time error 76 ?

    Thanks again, Olham. I admit the mad scientist in me pondered "What would happen if I simply re-installed without doing a complete uninstall of OFF/HITR?" Amazingly, many missions, and pilots later, there appears to be no problems. I simply installed the H&H patches, then reinstalled HITR, and then the HITR patches. And amazingly, no problems. And all previous problems were fixed. I believe I did delete all pilots and restarted a new campaign with a new pilot just to be safe. However, I'm a tinkerer by nature, so I don't recommend my way as the standard/safe way.
  8. Run time error 76 ?

    Thanks, Olham. Looks like I have some uninstalling/reinstalling to do. In case others are curious, I tried resetting workshop to default. It erased my pilots as others mentioned it would, and it fixed the run time/mission-failed-to-load problem for 3 missions in campaign mode. Unfortunately, on my fourth mission, the same problems reappeared. I didn't patch OFF before adding HITR w/ patches so maybe that is the cause of my problem.
  9. Run time error 76 ?

    CW3SF, Did you find a solution? I started having the same problem right after installing the 1.47 patch. Before then, OFF/HITR was working fine for me except for a failure to populate airfield message that didn't affect the game at all. Then after the patch, I couldn't fly two missions in a row. Instead, after clicking on "Go to Briefing" for the second mission, I would get the run time error and crash. I would restart OFF, fly a mission with no problem, and then the problem started on the second mission. Now for the first time, I've had a mission fail to load, so my plane is sitting on the runway, but I have not control over it. I exit the mission, but the campaign fails to advance. I start the mission again, and I get a run time error again. I exit OFF, restart, and the process begins again (fails to load, plane on runway, exit, restart mission, runtime error, crash, repeat). Because my download of HITR was very recent, I'm wondering if I needed the 1.47 patch or did I mess things up by downloading it. Thoughts?

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