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  1. I reset both files and all is WELL NOW. Thanks
  2. After several years of playing this game -- with very few ,if any, issues a new one jumped up a few weeks ago. When I start in campaign mode ( my normal place to go ) and get to the last load screen it does not load and place me in my plane ready to take off. The very small blue circle rotates for a very long time ( made a cup of tea once ) and never loads. After escaping and going through the restart prcedure for the second time it loads as usual and off I go flying as usual. Is something any one else has had experience with? Should I become concered that future issues will creap into the game? I am running Win 7 64bit with a super high end gaming computer that several of you "GREAT FOLKS" helped me design last year. This is a very friendly site of all of those I frequent. Thanks
  3. I think I'll hold off until some of you pass judgement on it. Worth the time and Safe or Not safe so far as gremlins go.
  4. Back in the 1950's I had several rides in a PT 17 and do remember the engine and wind sounds. From what my old brain remembers, the noise was so loud that hearing anything else around would have been imposable. We had our leather helmets on which also dampened the sound. While increasing speed in a dive the pilot would cut the RPM and then the wind and wire noise did sound "cool". Having several parachute jumps( most of them HALO and with round canopies---- I did say I was old right ) the sound during the free fall is very loud but after opening it gets very quiet and you can hear more from the ground then you think you ever would.
  5. This is a great place and even if I get a little "hot under the collar" the top guns only spank me enough to set me straight and then point me to the right place to solve my issue. If you want to visit some unfriendly sights, they are most of the others. Try the Sub hunter bunch, Civ 5, on the worst by far Steam ( that all seeing and knowing thing in the sky). And just why did we get asked to leave the other site?
  6. No, it must be 12 April -- my 75th birthday-- now that would be perfect!
  7. All is well and all are in Drive D. Running at 1900 X1200 with 4 samples and a color setting of 32. The settings within the game are 553353 and showing about 58 t0 61 FPS most of the time. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!
  8. Thank you very much. I will give that a try ASAP.
  9. How did you do that? I tried and could not find a way to do that. Please give very clear and complete instructions. I am really not a GURU in any way shape or matter. Thanks
  10. I had to do a complete uninstall and reinstall and I am flying now . But I have a slower Hard drive as drive C for windows 7 ( it must be in C I was told ) and I have a super fast SSD for my games. However I could never get CF3 to install into my D drive ( the fast SSD ). How can I get CF3 to install into my SSD "D" drive? All of the other add on stuff, BTHH and HITR and their downloads can very easly be redirected into the D drive. Last week I got a little hot under the collar when I came up with a bad pathway glitch and found out that it was that CF3 was in C and all the rest was in D. Everything worked for a while but soon died as a pathway 76 error----- CTDT. Thanks
  11. Can I install HITR with out downloading the 1.32 and 1.32G patches?? And I Guess---- why in the world was the two patches for BH&H not incluided in the DISK for HITR. Love DISK and sure hope P4 will have all of everything one a DISK. Thanks
  12. First off ( not OFF-- punt not intended ) I am sorry to have lost my cool. But then, at my age -not a lot of time or cool left in the tank. I went to work with your ideas and will let you know about the outcome ASAP. Thanks
  13. I would like somw input here!!!! Like my game CTD !!
  14. I am playing OFF with HITR patched up to 1.47and have been having very few issues until a few days ago. This small box with " Run time error 76 Path not found " comes up and no matter what is clicked on it crashes to the desk top. Most times a restart of OFF goes just fine " all is good for the rest of the time flying". Just a short while ago the game crashed on Three succesive tries. What can be done about this???
  15. Doing It For Real

    Check out the local Airports for rides on days arround the 4th of July ( here in the USA) where if you help out a free ride in a PT-17 can be had as you reward for helping out for those few days. One very cool airplane. That always happens at the air show days in Steamboat Springs Colorado arround the 4th of July. The last few years they have also had a B-25, and a TBF. I can remember my first one in a BT-13 after helping the pilot wash it allong with some other work. That was in 1952.

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