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  1. I wanted to do a quick fix for Strike Fighters 2 NA Campaign. I just want to take the teeth out of the Russian Warships, so when they spawn on my carrier group in the campaign, it is a non issue. I guess people are saying this was fixed with a patch, but apparently not for me. I am also looking to change up the enemy aircraft in the NA Campaign and the NATO Fighters 5 campaign. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Thanks guys,I am sorry for the confusion. I did mean North Atlantic. Finals are burning my brain into a cinder. Is it easy to edit the campaign _data.ini. Is their any things I should know. Im heading over to the knowledge base right now.
  3. Ok, Love this game. I seem to have some kind of problem in campaign mode. The enemies are always the same no matter what year is selected. Is this fixable without rebuilding the entire campaign. I can change enemy aircraft in single missions, but not in campaign. How do I get more modern enemy aircraft into the campaign missions for Nato Fighters 5?,also, I stopped playing the North America expansion because I could not take of,f due to Russian fleets spawning on my carrier group. I know this problem is well known, but how do I fix it?
  4. I figured it out. I was darkening areas of the template that were not supposed to be darkened.
  5. Ok. I followed the directions and I'am able to get my edited bitmaps into the game. The only problem is that the exported bitmap image seems to darken to almost black. Im sure somebody has had this problem. I read about using JPEG instead of BMP. Is this a viable solution?
  6. I want to make a new Harrier skin for the Nato Fighters 5 campaign. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about it? I am a Strike Fighters 2 skinning newbie. Just need a quick breakdown, as I have never done this. Working with Gimp.

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