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  1. Hi usafphantom2, To answer your question, I have used standard airfields data definition thus the airfields are modern ones. However it is quite easy to edit the france_targets.ini file and make cut/paste operations to replace these modern airfields definitions with the WW2 dirty airfields. For WW2 I am used to fly IL2 DBW as I the aircraft's cockpits and skins and maps are top notch. Best regards Snosna
  2. Hello, Here a few news about this project: The Map is still WIP, due to real life the progress have been small since my previous post. I am still working on the Lorraine Area (East of France). I have to put buildings and trees on Metz Town. So far I have completed lakes and rivers located in this area. After completing Metz Town, I will move to the Vosges Area and then to Alsace. Alpha and Solid objects are ready to be placed. Populating Towns takes time as the town's tiles are made from actual photographies and thus the town's tiles are all specific. Orienting hundreds of buildings per tile takes time. Here below a few screenshots from the Lorraine Area. If people are interested I could release the WIP Map as North Africa, Italy, South of France (both Atlantic and Mediterannean sides), Bourgogne are completed. There is still a lot of work to be done to have the whole Map completed thus patience is a must. The screenshots
  3. Hello, As builder of the Norway and Snowy Norway Maps, I just remind you that these maps were created for SFP1 not the GEN2 game. Check in the Norway.ini file that the CatFile entry is pointing to the .cat file of your game version. I hope it should solve the issue. Best regards snosna
  4. March 2013 News Hello everyone, Here the status report for this WIP Map Bourgogne Area is completed, I am working now on Lorraine Area. Still a long way to have this Map finished but she will come ! Here below some screenshots, more to be see, http://www.stephaneansons.net16.net/1_SFP1.htm
  5. Hello, January News Happy New Year to everyone ! This map is progressing well. Here below the status report. Provence Area is completed Lyon Town is completed Istres and Orange Airbases and town completed Roads added to link Lyon to Orange, Marseille and Toulon Towns. The Tricastin Nuclear Plant has been added. Work on Bourgogne Area has started. Screenshots: More can be seen here http://www.stephaneansons.net16.net/1_SFP1.htm Tricastin Nuclear Plant Orange Airbase Lyon
  6. December News: ToulonTown completed. Here below a few screenshots Website : http://www.stephaneansons.net16.net/1_SFP1.htm

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