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  1. On the list ;) as well as i will TRY to make the 2 different cockpits and plane layouts (early and late) wish me luck on this enterprise, because i will need all the possible help...
  2. More or less the different weapon stations so far (2 pylons pending)
  3. And adding Pylons now, thanks to Laszlo
  4. I will try to revive this post, i am trying to learn max myself and got this model free from internet, i will be updating it to SF2 standards since it has too many polys
  5. Sukhois

    Since IM STILL LEARNING max, i´m trying to simplify polys on this beast, a long way still but...
  6. Windowing... Nose gear is not right at all as it is like this: I must learn to make Ford Mustang like wheels now, it seems...
  7. My Current and First attempt at modelling something, NOW, it is not my model, i am just trying to fix and give it a bit more of reality. Among the fixes made, i got: Tail round up Elevons round up Rudder cut Spine round up Fuselage round up Engines round up and reposition (they were a bit low) Fuel tanks round up and reposition Wing fence re making Aileron cuts and round up of the edges Wing re shaping Gun re shaping Pending or in the make tasks: Nose re making Cockpit re shaping Landing gears re shaping and repositioning Some antennas and other bumps and humps missing Some decent mapping (Including BMs and SMs) And last but not least... some good skins :) Some shots of the making: I will be making a whole post of all the Yaks i have on the workbench soon (25/27/28)
  8. Oh! i have a full walkaround of the little beast as i live in El Salvador hehehe, as i once told Wrench, they never flew without them to my knowledge, the one with sharkteeth lays abandoned now almost back to silver and the only one that possibly can fly, has no qualified pilots to do so.
  9. I was given this one from Daniel, i may be polishing it in due time, is that ok?
  10. Sukhois

    Well, take a look here, Su-17M2: Aaaaand if you were wondering... Su-22 More over, Su-22 for Peru with israeli modifications
  11. Another Su-17, now the early M series, failed flight, no joy on target :/

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