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  1. Since this post started, i looked for a way to learn Blender and got to the point where IF i am correct you can open a .3ds model in blender and save it as .blend format... now, my question goes, can it be kept as 3dsif needed? Sorry for the dumb questions...
  2. Makes me wonder what if, i try it...
  3. Mue, how about a latest max versions exporter too? Just saying... is that possible?
  4. Could the FPS handling be tweaked also? What would that implies?
  5. Noup, nor that or the A-37 either :/
  6. It has only delayed by other projects my friends! we have the main files. Time is the keyword now if you catch the drift...
  7. Hi, long time after my last question... Gents, if we need to add Specular to some weapons, do we need to create a skin folder? we have had success on Bump Maps, however Speculars are giving us hell, any advise? TIA
  8. This one is good enough... Unless Volker has something up :D
  9. Compared with SF titles, how moddable is it?
  10. KS-3/4 Ejection Seats

    And much more to come...

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