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  1. Sukhois

    Well, take a look here, Su-17M2: Aaaaand if you were wondering... Su-22 More over, Su-22 for Peru with israeli modifications
  2. Another Su-17, now the early M series, failed flight, no joy on target :/
  3. Sukhois

    Uhhhhh, i'm reading this message until today, sorry i have been out for a while... We have several Sukhois on the table waiting for our most valued asset TIME, you can count Su-24, Su-25 among them, and who knows, if we can make an Su-7 family too...
  4. After some time with my computer down... Mirage 4000 Demonstrator prototype
  5. Aaaaand after getting my PC back here some screenies of the resumed work, later, in game pics ,)
  6. It will be at the end if you behave and eat all your veggies
  7. Ha helwan 300

    I have it Alex, just have my PC down, i made the skins, or, remade them
  8. Ha helwan 300

    Somewhere in my Hard Drive...
  9. If i could add to Svetlin post, the plane can carry air to air missiles in the 2 outer wing stations and those pylons are different than the air to ground ones, same goes true with the under engine nacelles and under fuselage stations, those are things that slowed our Fitters somehow...
  10. We are too nice chaps allowing him to use our toys, we should start banning him and make a direct message to him to STOP USING ALL OF OUR STUFF (yes, i know he is reading here, done in purpose)
  11. You have no idea, PSD's can get really huge at that point...
  12. Should you need, i may give you a hand with a 4096 x 4096 base skin, and if you add BMs and SMs, i can make them too, just like our Fitter... Just Saying...
  13. Which, if i'm allowed to add, will provide more eyes to improve the model...

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