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  1. So, with a hard and combined effort, we could improve this sim, can we not? Something to comes to my mind is: Will the bunch of updated objects (Planes, Weapons, Terrains, etc..) affect the performance of the game in, say, fairly strong computers? Mean, when we get them all in game...
  2. On the red side, I have several planes in different stages, hope I can deliver some, shortly... more detail means more time spent...
  3. And not related to the Fencer, I am making the Kh-38 Family Kh-38ME-V1 Kh-38ME-V2 Kh-38MLE V2
  4. Latest about the Fencer LOT'S OF DETAILING TO DO so far It Looks a bit of a Fencer, does it not? And now, some appendices are to be added... KAB-500KR KAB-500L KAB-500S-E KAB-1500KR KAB-1500L KAB-1500LG And there will be many more as time allows, Hope you liked it so far...
  5. Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Xmas Kev! wish you all the best to everybody!
  6. Happy Holidays for everyone!

    Happy holidays for you guys, hoping you are having a blast there!!!
  7. Adding on what Laszlo (and thanks for the support, man) stated, you need to consider: Making a good model takes time, researching, downloading data and pictures, creating it and polishing every detail, considering the polys to use, animating it, skinning it, adding weathering, creating the decals, and spending your time positioning them, checking weapons positions, making the FM, and there is a lot of things still to mention it. So, all in all, IT TAKES TIME, and it will still be this way. We are an open community, and we are also open to new modelers to show their abilities, so, the invitation is open to you also. Regards.
  8. Check here: http://www.forgottenjets.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/F-84G.html
  9. Fencer Update: Landing gear animation is figured out, Gun is done, the LG secuence is below, veeeeeeeery funny:
  10. AB and Engine, started: The Tail has all their bumps and lumps (I think)
  11. A bit of Su-24 Advance: Now it looks like a Fencer Elevons are completed now Bumps and lumps for the tail still on the to-do's The pain... i mean... the landing gear is started Corrected windshield glass Aft fuselage is added detail More polys for the main landing gear doors, the insides are still to be made Shape is beautiful! Hope you have patience guys... It will be worth!!!

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