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  1. Su-17M2 squadrons

    I think you are missing a few ones, but, overall it´s a nicer job than the one i made
  2. Su-17M2 cockpit

    Me neither, looks more like a representation on how it is
  3. My Method for serial decals goes like this: In Excel or Google sheets i create the serials: Then paste them to a notepad: Then move to Word or any other text app and edit the font and effects Then cut them with Snag it And then i create them with Photoshop, the process explained above... Hope this helps...
  4. I think i have created one too... wondering if it is still around...
  5. Aaannnd i was able to do it from the phone, still unclear cause, but it seems it's with the ISP... Thanks again Erik, for the usual support
  6. I am wondering if it is from my country, this is in my office:
  7. Testing a 52 Mb file. That file worked just fine from here on your account. Make sure the file you are uploading isn't open somewhere on your computer, or you're editing it. That's all I can think of with the exception that large files have somehow been blocked by your ISP. I'd try restarting your machine and then uploading again before I called them.
  8. Here it is, testing it right now: It is in a separated post for the Mirage 4000 testing, my internet settings are low but fair as i´ve been using them with no issues previoulsy:
  9. Hey Erik, good day, for some reason, i am not able to upload some testing files, it gets with the message ¨Queued¨ Thanks in advance for the usual support :D
  10. OMG! is all i will say...
  11. @ Stary

    Look for him at FB, he rarely comes here now
  12. Not far away from completing, early series getting last touches to their pits only
  13. THAT IS THE ONE!!!, YOU NAILED IT PAULO!!! Thanks a lot my friend!!!
  14. As i do have several planes on the bench, and want to be as historical as possible (exceptions to be shown below) i would like to see if there is record of many Soviet/Russian planes. I have got the numbers for all Su-17/20/22 so far, however where i could not be possible (TOO PITA) is with old Soviet planes ( i will create numbers from 01 to 99, period ) In other cases i will asume (as historical as possible) numbers in between... Like the case of Iraqi Su-20's which many books claim they had like 36 but records show only 15 on the website: If you see between 20512 and 20520 there is a huge gap, so, i will fill with the numbers missing there (just assuming there existed) Hope this won't bother anyone here ;)

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