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  1. AL-7F done so far, that is a huge @$$ Now, let the mapping starts!
  2. Thank you Sir, i also have it bookmarked from some time ago :)
  3. I inherited lot (LOT) of Max files from @Lindr2 a few years ago, among them almost all of the Yak family and ventured myself to make my way in Max, here i am showing you the first ones, i´m still a long way to learn to master ir and i know @logan4 is having a hard time making tutorials for simple things, and countless questions, i hope i am in the right path:
  4. Well, a good version of the SPPU-22 https://old.weaponsystems.net/weaponsystem/HH13 - SPPU-22.html And UPK-23-250 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:UPK-23-250_gun_pod_2.jpg Just if you have time ofc.
  5. @ravenclaw_007 Sorry to bug, do you happen to have some red weapons in your plans? specifically Gun Pods?
  6. Combat Air Patrol 2 v0.815.0 update

    Is it moddable, Stary gave it to me as a gift, and still haven´t used it to it´s fullest
  7. Sukhois

    Just Fiddling with Max... 60% done on the 3D model...
  8. Hello mate, how is the SU-34 project doing?


    -Tommy F.


  9. Stary in Krakow

  10. Having several free models that can be put into the game but, time is needed as well as skill...
  11. Su-17M2 squadrons

    I think you are missing a few ones, but, overall it´s a nicer job than the one i made
  12. Su-17M2 cockpit

    Me neither, looks more like a representation on how it is

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