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  1. We are too nice chaps allowing him to use our toys, we should start banning him and make a direct message to him to STOP USING ALL OF OUR STUFF (yes, i know he is reading here, done in purpose)
  2. You have no idea, PSD's can get really huge at that point...
  3. Should you need, i may give you a hand with a 4096 x 4096 base skin, and if you add BMs and SMs, i can make them too, just like our Fitter... Just Saying...
  4. Which, if i'm allowed to add, will provide more eyes to improve the model...
  5. I was about to post about it, @UllyB, i really welcome your idea of making a whole new plane in a few weeks, we grinned with Martin for that timeframe and i really wish it would take that time, we had the same idea in 2012 and here we are with our Fitters, adding more and more details left, my message is: Don't discourage bro, keep going and as soon as i get my pc back, i may offer you my help in whatever i can skinwise, just don't discourage man, all good stuff take time ;)
  6. I may have some numbers somewhere...
  7. Pierre the French fighter pilot

  8. Addendum to Cliff words: after entering into a involuntary 'Upgrade' of my rig, i was left without any and at this point i'm waiting for a replacement motherboard for it... Apologies
  9. Patience ain't one of your virtue's is it?
  10. Guruu, that dutch is just being sarcastic to me LOL
  11. On the workbench in an advanced state bro! Visca el Barça!!!
  12. Well, those are really good news, hope he add BM and SMs
  13. Let's cross our fingers
  14. I guess you have tried contact him with no answer, don't i?

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