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  1. Wondering about the mapping for the canopy and cockpit... i spent a whole day with the Yak one...
  2. One day to map this... But i like the result...
  3. Should it be like this? This Pic Should have the slide doors close of course :) Like this
  4. Hey guys, been working on this, kinda mysterious plane, and have just had little information, scarce pics (from a prototype) As you can see, i don´t think the door opened like this in flight, there seem to be a mechanism, but is all i have... Sadly, the blueprints doesn´t help either Any Help you may shed me i will greatly appreciate it.
  5. Certainly looks like fun too... makes me think on the Il-76...
  6. The idea behind making this animation is to do it for the 34 too, i have a broader idea now how it works, and thanks also to Youtube too... Now, i still have some others pending like the MiG-21 and Su-24...
  7. I swear! i swear! i was just researching on how the retraction of the landing gear worked and one thing lead to another, i am innocent!!! Please pardon the mess, this is just a Franken Flanker, ALL IS A WIP... I want also to point out that in no way i am not a 3D modeller in no way, all i do is get planes from free sites (i have the links where i got them) and adapt everything (hence fore this is a Franken Flanker) where i think it´s close to the real plane, all i do is a few things as pylons, afterburners and all small stuff... All of this is the result of constant asking to @logan4 about modelling tips and techniques (and why not, some self learned tips too). Hope the results will be of benefit to all of us. Merry Christmas and let´s hope the coming year will be filled with health and some cute models!!!
  8. And to, maybe, perhaps, who knows, stimulate Kevin to make a Central America terrain... Ouragan local contender.. Non mapped but fully animated...
  9. Thanks Carlo, yes, the skinning is done for the Fitters, we are waiting for the pits, on the other hand, the Ouragan is in the final steps of mapping and skinning, i just need to go to the museum to take pics of the wheel wells, here some SS´s of the WIP

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