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  1. IAF

    Hi, why is it that indian air force never gets/ buys usa fighter jets? Would china attack india then? Then whats the use of all these 700 migs? - k
  2. MIG-29 OVT

    Hi, Wov is a very funny game. I have thrice reached general tag by playing and completing all the three campaigns. And every other time, by some virus or maybe by system restore, my profile gets deleted. At this moment, i am again playing wov not the campaigns, only single missions. I have reached general post and i again try to complete the first campaign...but somehow i always crash! LOL I haven't modded by any rule book, still i have got maverick, hobos, paveway, walleye, Jp-1000, matra, ANQs.....! Sometimes i have seen not even one shrike nor a AGM standard locks onto radar signals and destroy Fan-song Radars! And just yesterday, i used jaguar and F-4 Phantom -J to full expertise. Sometimes when i play mig-cap with su-27(j-11) and mig-29 fulcrum, suddenly i am intercepted by mirage (older version) and its manevres are extremely fast. And in no second i am destroyed. The same plane mirage when i myself fly, its extremely slow and its AA are also not lethal! Likewise, i switch on hard setting and i can hardly spot a plane. And just the other day, i flew f/a-18 hornet and target acquisition was very easy! -------------------------- phantom
  3. MIG-29 OVT

    Hi, I am playing wov with all the three patches as well as the service pack applied. I still don't know how to use the weaponseditor, as it doesn't works! Changing the game end date!!! I have some add-ons modern aircrafts like f-14, f-16, f-15....etc. If played under 'hard', will there be as you are saying a red icon at the position of an enemy aircraft?? And as i was asking, how come the pilots of yester years used to spot the enemy planes? ------------------ phantom
  4. MIG-29 OVT

    Hi kukulino, The screenshots that you have posted are from which pc game? Wov cockpit view is not similar that you are trying to describe, not even SFP1! Also, if wov game is played with 'hard' settings, as i had once checked out. There was no radar lock-on in mig-caps! How can one thrive without even knowing where the hell the enemies are! One more thing, what do you mean by IR missiles? ---------------- phantom

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