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  1. Finally got my MC-2/B-8 stick grip!

    streakeagle Loook this DIY joystick whit real Mig-23 Grip: http://www.simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?...e=1#Post2164727 Gimbal of COTS joysticks is not suitable to built extended versions. You need to built a new one. S! Sokol1
  2. Question about Thrustmaster F16FLCS/TQS

    Just it! Mjoy16 is a joystick USB card. Whit this your mod existing one, or make a new joy/throtle/rudder. Another option is PlasmaV2 USB card by http://www.betainnovations.com/ The use of these cards is common in the Flying Simulator community. In AviaForum are a extensive tread about Mjoy16, and one TM F16FLCS mod by Catfish: http://forum.sukhoi.ru/showthread.php?t=24406&page=23&pp=25 SP1 Sokol1
  3. Question about Thrustmaster F16FLCS/TQS

    ShadowXP: I have a set of F16F22PRO+TQS@digital, pluged into gameport (digital) of old Turtle Beach Montego Soundcard, works fine under WXSP2, no spykes. Today u find Sound Blaster Live/Audigy whit gameporte. Now SWF22 chips "is history". :( But your F22/TQS are no lost. U need a DOS bootdisk (pick one in www.bootdisk.com), copy ito this the Thustsmaster flash programing, boot whit disk and program F22/TQS buttons in old fashion way. ;) PS-U need to hook your F22/TQS via PS2 conector too. U have another radical alternative: Change internal circuit of F22/TQS whit Mjoy16 by www.mindaugas.com (~33 Euros). Your lost programibility capacity of buttons, but have "new" USB H.O.T.A.S whit ~32 buttons, 8 via HAT, and 5 axis. And spare axis for rudder, if desire. In true Mjoy16 is capable of 64 buttons and rotaries, plus 8 axis. Good luck. Sorry for poor english. SP Sokol1

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