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  1. Head-on gun kill

    I know this is years late but I still fire up my Strike Fighters 2 install from time to time and I still fly the Mirage IIIC. Just lost a pilot yesterday who was a double ace with 10 kills. All of them are due to the Mirage IIIC being an amazing plane. Great screen capture! Looks like it was an intense furball.
  2. This is incredible! Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing this.
  3. I downloaded that one, actually, but I can't find the name of it's cockpit.ini file to add to the freeware IIIO's ini. If that makes sense...my descriptive powers are...nil? lol.
  4. That's really weird. I have Strike Fighters 2 and Strike Fighters 2 Europe, and I was never able to fly the Mirage. I've had it as an enemy and fought against them, but I could never fly them. Maybe I'm missing an expansion pack or something...? Edit: Ok, I went back to Thirdwire's store and got my download code again just to double check what exactly I have purchased and installed. I have Strike Fighters 2, I have Strike Fighters 2 Europe, and I have Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 2, and then the campaign customizer. Perhaps the Mirage is made available in Expansion Pack 1, which would make sense to me, as I don't own that one. Otherwise I'm very, very confused, because my Strike Fighters 2 merged installs contain the Mirage IIIC Ini file, but no other folders.
  5. Thanks, I went ahead and downloaded that. Are SF1 cockpits compatible with Strike Fighters 2?
  6. Hey guys! I'm reviving my old YouTube LP of Strike Fighters 2 and I'm attempting to use the Mirage III as my fighter of choice, however, here are the issues I'm running into: I only own SF2, SF2: E and the Europe Expansion pack (this gives me access to the Mirage III LODS) and then the Campaign Customizer for Mercenary mode in all theatres. So I had to download a flyable Mirage III mod. This mod requires SF2:E for the Lods, which I have, but it also wants SF2: Israel for the Shahak cockpits. I'm a cheap jerk, having recently lost my job of 7 years, and so I figured I'd alias out the cockpit with one from the two games I already own, since I can't currently buy any DLC or SF2: Israel. So I substituted in the A-4 cockpit to the Mod's ini file and, very luckily, it works just fine. However, obviously, the A-4's pit is no where near close to what the actual Mirage III's pit would look like, because, as far as I can tell, The Mirage III had a RWR. So then I figured I'd try the lightning's cockpit, and it also worked, but I'm not so sure I like it, as the Lightning's pit always felt cramped and not very nice for dogfighting, as it was more of an interceptor. So anyways, I figure I'd ask you guys, the professionals, and the people very much more familiar with the series than I am, which cockpit you think would work best. Any of the add-on cockpits I've found for Mirages here in the download sections require SF2: Israel to work, and that's fine and understandable. I know in order to get the best fit I should just buy the DLC or the Israel game, but my budget doesn't allow that at the moment (yes, the DLC is only 3 dollars I know, just trust me, I can't. Thank you) so I'm sadly just going to have to substitute a pit in. I'm also not trying to arouse any sympathy for my situation, nor do I intend to sound like I'm begging for people to purchase or gift or donate, or any of that junk. I'm fine, just looking for general opinions on something close from the assets I already own, so I'm not stealing any work or content from ThirdWire Thanks in advance everyone.
  7. Randoms

    Random Strike Fighters 2 Screenshots/Edits if I get around to taking them.
  8. Fubar, you're the man! Check my post just above yours, I think you hit the nail on the head. It happens whenever I exceed 800 (whichever unit of measurement the Russians use) on the airspeed dial. I said knots in my above post, but I guess it's not measuring that.
  9. I was not hit by any ground fire, as there were no AA emplacements or SAMs in the area. I was not damaged by another plane, as this was happening before my flight even engaged the enemy F-4's. I tested it again on a bomber intercept against IL-28's and I notice this happens whenever my speed exceeds 800 knots IAS. So, I'm beginning to think it's part of the plane's modeling to simulate the real MiG-15, although I still haven't been able to confirm that MiG-15's in real life had this issue. It's almost as if the plane wants to stall, it begins to act random, and whichever wing it wants will begin to dip downward and the whole plane begins to shake. I'm thinking this is a feature of the FM and not an error. ALSO some great news! All of my settings are back to unlimited on Strike Fighters 2 with absolutely no loss in FPS. My frames are now sticking around the 40-60 mark! The culprit? When I updated my Nvidia drivers, I elected to do a clean install, as I had begun to think my previous drivers had somehow gotten corrupted. The clean install of my drivers absolutely solved all the problems I was having, right up until I got into Strike Fighters 2. I was baffled. Well, it turns out, in my Nvidia Control Panel Settings, Vsync was forced on for Strike Fighters 2 (apparently a default setting for Nvidia Cards) I do not know why having Vsync enabled in the control panel was the cause of all my problems, but turning it off has solved everything. Admittedly there is a very tiny amount of screen tearing if I pan my view really quickly in the cockpit, but that does not bother me in the least. What bothered me was the absolute garbage for frames I was getting in one of my most cherished games, lol. Apparently an older game like Strike Fighters 2 does not like Vertical Synchronization enabled. Which is strange, because I don't have that problem with any of my other games. So for anyone who may be having the same mind-boggling, infuriating issue where you have a machine more than capable of running Strike Fighters 2, but it's suddenly running like crap, check your graphic card's settings and see if it's forcing something.
  10. I'm beginning to just accept this fact. These newest drivers had resolved some other issues that were plaguing me in my other newer games, so I'm hesitant to rollback. More testing shows me that I can leave everything on high and unlimited except for the effects option, which I can turn down to medium. In all honesty, I guess that's not too much of a sacrifice. I'm going to add in Stary's Cumulative Effects Pack again at medium, and see if it'll perform at 60 FPS like vanilla has been on the medium setting. My next question, is a bit random. Playing with the MiG-15 BIS mod I recently installed I was able to take out 2 F-4 phantoms before I was shot down by the sidewinder I didn't see, but during this time with no damage whatsoever I noticed that as I'm flying, it seems as though the plane would randomly start turning, as though my joystick was out of calibration. However, my stick in calibrated, and I can clearly see the virtual flight yoke in the cockpit view, and it was not moving, however the plane starts to randomly go into a left hand roll every once in awhile. Is this a borked file somewhere in the plane, or is this something that a real MiG-15 would do? I can't remember my speeds. so perhaps I was going beyond the plane's limitations and thusly it was affected? This is the MiG-15 bis "Fagot B" by Paulopanz found here: http://combatace.com/files/file/14610-mig-15bis-fagot-b/ Thanks again you guys for your help and suggestions. It's a great community here that I'm grateful to be a part of.
  11. It would make sense that it could be my drivers, as the game ran completely fine before I installed the latest driver from NVIDIA. So now that I have the newest drivers, I'm almost certain it's related, as my other graphically intense games like Il-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover and Skyrim run on high settings with no FPS loss. Since Strike Fighters 2 is older, I wonder if the new driver doesnt support it.
  12. UPDATE: Ok, so I removed my effects folder, and the FPS loss was still there, however it was a little less pronounced. So with default effects and none of Stary's outstanding effects =[ I had to turn the setting down to medium. This doesn't make sense to me. I have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 560. Why are default effects having to be set so low all of a sudden? At medium on the effects the game becomes playable again, but still this is frustrating because it used to play on Unlimited with Stary's Awesome Cumulative Effects Pack and ran well above 60FPS. I have videos recorded with FRAPS to prove this as well, and if anyone's ever used FRAPs you'll know what a horrible resource hog that is, and yet those videos were recorded on Unlimited with no stuttering at 1080p. I'm baffled to say the least. The rundown of my changes: Removed Stary's Cumulative Effects Pack (Was able to keep Stary's SARCASM Mod tho! ) Object detail to medium, Object Textures to medium Cockpit Textures to High ground objects, water, and vanilla effects to medium. Horizon Distance to Normal Terrain Detail still Unlimited (Thank God because I also have Desert V3 and Stary's GermanyCE terrain mods) Terrain Texture to High I've got my frames back... but I'm miffed to say the least. My rig's setup shouldn't require me to do this...especially when everything listed above used to be unlimited.
  13. Negative, I downloaded the MiG-15 BIS "Fagot" B, and it contained some objects, some decals, and a sound, but no effects. I recently removed my flight and effects folder (I did have Stary's SARCASM and Cumulative Effects Pack installed) and I did get some improvement in frame rate. I'm running the July 2013 update to Strike Fighters 2 and Strike Fighters 2 Europe, so perhaps these mods are broken due to this new patch?
  14. Hey guys, So I just recently picked up Strike Fighters 2 again, and I am having a horrendous time with the game very suddenly. It used to run so super smooth on my machine on Unlimited Settings with NO FPS hiccups, then today, when I went to play it, I noticed that the smoke emitted from the jet exhaust is causing my frames to dip into nothing. It runs great like it used to, until there's exhaust smoke in the viewpoint, and then it all goes to hell. I did install a MiG-15 mod before I tried playing today...is that maybe what is causing the issue? I removed the mod, but the problem with the jet exhaust remains. I've tried lower settings, and everything, and I can't understand what could be wrong, as I used to play it on Unlimited with no problems before. It's frustrating to have to turn everything down suddenly. Any help would be appreciated!
  15. Caesar, I'm so sorry for the late reply! I really appreciate your help, but somehow or another my Strike Fighters 2 fixed itself, and it's working like a dream now. I really don't understand this game sometimes...lol. It's just finicky about what it does and how it does it, I guess. But at anyrate, I've been working on new videos for the Let's Play, and I already have Chapter 7 up, along with another random mission with no commentary, just music. I dunno how it happened or why it seemed to work, but now I've got a Mercenary campaign running using the MiG-19 Farmer and no issues to report so far, knock on wood. Thanks again for your help.

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