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  1. The Arab Mig Series by Tom Cooper et al - remember Heck that Western writers that interview and source directly from the pilots that were there cant be totally dismissed. Some western writers have owned and flown some of them - not really any mysteries here.
  2. Two I have: Air combat over the eastern front and Korea - Sergei Kramarenko Fulcrum A top gun pilots escape from the Soviet Empire - Alexander Zuyev
  3. Mike "Dozer" Shower - Famous Desert Storm pilot
  4. Where did you purchase the game from? I would suggest downloading the exe file again.
  5. On March 3, 1969 the United States Navy established an elite school for the one percent of its pilots. Its purpose was to teach the lost art of aerial combat and to insure that the handful of men who graduated were the best fighter pilots in the world. They, Succeeded Today, the Navy calls it Fighter Weapons School. The flyers call it TOPGUN! What is it all about? Afraid you won’t be singing in bars and dating civilian flying instructors but you will be flying non-stop Air to Air against a selection of Navy Aggressor A-4s. So, if you have not flown much A-A recently this could be the thing for you with three campaigns set in different years with a selection of Jets to fly. The lesser striped A-4F Mongoose does not take prisoners -- great balls of cheese! The campaigns consist of: Campaign 1 1970 Select from the US Navy / Marines F-4B (1965), F-4B (1967) and F-4J to go up against A-4E aggressors. Campaign 2 1974 Select from the US Navy / Marines F-4J (1974) and F-4N to go up against A-4E aggressors. Campaign 3 1978 Fly the US Navy F-14A (1974) and go up against A-4F Mongoose aggressors. Oh yes and you need to try and survive 20 missions with only about 3 wingmen. Check your six or else an A-4 flown by such celebs as Viper and Jester will blow you out of the sky! The environment This is set over a reworked South West US Terrain and has a NAS Miramar runway layout like the real thing and some very nice looking features. Think Tactically So, as you can see you ideally want to avoid getting sucked into any turning fights and that also applies to the F-14A because the up-engined A-4F kinda cancels out the F-14s better turn ability. Keeping and supporting your AI wingman is a must and is key to dealing with the A-4 hoards and keeping your wingman alive is a must to complete the target of 20 missions. Your wingman is although not the most intelligent of pilots he is also vulnerable to your wayward sidewinder shots and general incompetence in issuing commands. If you have not flown the Mirage Factory F-14 the mod comes with, then there are a few different key presses for the radar and also advise learning how to use the radar (it helps!). Where'd Hollywood go man.......oh there he is - never never leave your wingman! We are the Mods The music it comes with is ace and (thank god) not a sign of “Lead me on” by Teena Marie. Those who had the soundtrack might still have flashbacks to some of the tracks on it. Anyway no need to touch the music or the terrain. I am using Starys SARCASM mod in this for environmental effects and also some Top Gun themed 1080 menu screens by Viper63a. The screens can be simply dragged into the Menu and Flight mod folders depending – also remembering to rename them to the correct file name so they show. You can of course change whatever else suits you for the environment you wish to replicate. Here Viper is telling me how my name will never be on the Top Gun trophy after losing all my wingmen in about 3 missions. Starting a campaign Important here suggest setting Campaign Difficulty as normal, and set Weapon Supply to Unlimited otherwise you will be down to AIM-9Bs by about mission 5. My first several campaigns had a distinct theme of running out of wingmen Do you think your name is going to be on the trophy? – You will need a lot more than ego to beat Viper and his souped up A-4 The F-14A took a while to get used to and best to use its advantages of radar with IFF. I have only used AIM-7Fs in these campaigns and do advise taking out the bad guys BVR if you can. With the F-4s you have less advantages but again playing to your strengths will allow you to prevail. Every now and then a cargo plane takes off on its flight to Hong Kong full of Rubber Dog s***. If you screw up just this much you might be on the next flight.
  6. To be clear on win 7 or 10 If you install the Game on lets say the "D" drive, it will install the core files on D only. When you run a game it will still create the mod folders at C:\Users\<You>\Saved Games If you need to move the Mod folders location then that is the line given in the second post down.
  7. Make a copy of the Mods folder (If you have any), uninstall the game via control panel or settings then start from scratch and reinstall the game on the drive you want to....I run mine from F which is another SSD.
  8. Wings Over Vietnam

    WOV does play on the latest Win 10 although not as well as SF2V - how far does it get? I have turned off all Game mode setting in Win 10 (was added in a recent update) Another thing added - If you right click on the desktop icon and go to compatibility tab then tick "Disable full-screen optimisations" You probably need at least 16GB for DCS if not 32 for 2.5 online - at the moment a 1070/1080 type gfx card seems to be the type of card you need for that. Obviously if Vietnam is your thing then there is nothing in DCS and be warned that the full modules are full on simulators nothing like SF/WOV.
  9. Top Gun Maverick

    Don't worry they can do wonders with CGI these days..just look what they did with Carrie Fisher in Rogue One
  10. Top Gun Maverick

    Iceman making a comeback as well https://theaviationist.com/2018/06/07/the-return-of-iceman-val-kilmer-to-appear-in-top-gun-sequel/
  11. Top Gun Maverick

    hmm Kenny Loggins Will Re-Record Danger Zone for Top Gun 2 Danger Zone anchored the original Top Gun soundtrack when it was released in 1986. The single reached number two on the Billboard singles chart and the Top Gun soundtrack went on to become the highest selling soundtrack of the 80s and remains one of the highest selling movie soundtracks ever to this day. It's synonymous with the movie and it would be tough to imagine them doing the sequel without featuring the song in some way. Fans can only hope this new version turns out better than the Fall Out Boy Ghostbusters theme did. https://movieweb.com/top-gun-2-kenny-loggins-danger-zone/
  12. Of the three world superpowers, two have operational squadrons of stealth fighters. One is the US. The other is not Russia, but China. http://www.airforcemag.com/MagazineArchive/Pages/2018/July 2018/The-Chinese-Air-Forces-Great-Leap-Forward.aspx
  13. A note comes up in the DCS client even if you are running the stable 2.5.0 release - although doesn't mention it is for Open Beta only which is not helpful. So to be clear it is only an early access beta module for now and cannot be used in the supposed stable release.............I can see that a lot of people run the Open Beta instead anyway on the forums (and multiplayer servers) but they are the likely the minority.

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