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  1. I have done everything I can think of, always get the lock, then fire with a good orientation to target, not too many g's, and the missile just happily flies off straight somewhere. I have fired maybe 30 or so, and not a single hit. ever. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Track IR limits

    Crud, disregard this post, I remembered it alright, but it was for LOMAC, not this game, sorry
  3. ah... makes sense, as that is along the lines of what I was suspecting, but I figured something would be lighting up in the cockpit as well. Thanks Fubar. Also, in your experience, what is the best way to avoid a SAM while cruising at 500 kts in a fully laiden F-4? Even though I didn't get plastered, my wingman up and dissappeared into tiny shiny pieces right next to me.
  4. The previous post I read on this topic about a month ago talked about tweaking some values in the config of the game to make it so you could actually check your six. Where did that post go? Or how do I do it, because I do not like the fact that I cannot look directly behind me.
  5. Thanks, that is what I have heard, from here and other places, I just wanted to be sure. Also, on a completely different note, I have a question about WoV. I flew a few missions last night for the first time, and in one particular mission, I was flying an F-4 amongst many simultaneous SAM launches. All of a sudden a constant steady beeping was going off in my cockpit. For about 10 minutes straight, until I was well out of the combat zone. Was it something I pressed? or was it because something was locked on to me?
  6. I'm talking about improving the terrain in the stock campaigns in both SFP1 and WoV. I have seen screenshots where there are many trees strewn about the terrain map, but unfortunately in my experience, all I see is a flat expanse of land, with rather dull terrain textures. Is there any way I can spruce up my SFP1 and WoV experience with better terrain?
  7. So, I'm new.

    Wow, ask for an inch, and I get a mile... thanks a million radar dude! I really appreciate the help. These forums did seem kinda quiet, but I read the posts and the posters here seemed to be the most friendly of them all... so I figure I'd start with the most comfortable atmosphere. :yes: Anyway, I guess I got my fun cut out for me with all those links you provided... Again, thanks a million. I'll give Lock On a real go this time. Vertical_Luke
  8. Awesome... Well, once I get the time and the chance, I will fire up this game on my new rig and give it a go. Also, is SFP1 separate from WOV? or is WOV and add-on? Vertical_Luke
  9. In regards to that site, by Column5... are all of those planes flyable? If so, then I am already in love with this game and I only own it, I haven't even installed it yet.
  10. Hello all. I have been reading through these forums for a couple of weeks (LOMAC and WOV) and I decided to really get into the modern flight sims now. I am a long time player of IL-2/FB/AEP/PF and although I still love it to death, the modern flight sims seem to be so much of a challenge that I want to conquer them once and for all. First off, I do own the "out-of-the-box" version of LOMAC, meaning I have never installed it on my new rig yet (partly due to frustration while learning how to use LOMAC on my old comp) and I also own WOV, but I will post about that game in the other forum. This post is solely about LOMAC. I want to know how comfortable my machine will be playing LOMAC (the most recent version of course, I might get Flaming Cliffs). My rig is: AMD 64 3400+ 1 gig Corsair XMS PC3200 BFG 6800 GT OC ...and I guess those are the most important components to list. I enjoy turning up graphics settings to a relatively high bar, so I do hope my computer will at least be able to handle some goodies. Secondly, I had so much trouble setting up my joystick (x45) for LOMAC, that I am in need of either a good tutorial, or a good friend to help me figure that out. Also, are there any "newbie" guides for LOMAC? I hate to bother people with useless questions, so if there is some sort of text that would save people the time to answer my useless questions, then I would be greatful :) . Anyway, I guess that is it for now, thanks guys. Vertical_Luke

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