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  1. Many thanks SS!! Good to know. Brenw
  2. Hello all, I'm doing a complete merged install prior to flying Battle of Britain again with Wrenches great scenery. What does the SF2 July 2013 Hotfix actually fix? Just wondering after looking around trying to find out. Many thanks for your help. Brentw
  3. I know this question has to be a very long shot! But can anything be modded for example like Flight.ini so the player does not have to lead every flight in a single or campaign mission? Just wondering. Thanks again for all the mods and help. Brentw
  4. Many Thanks Wrench!! I was thinking of trying them in WWII planes for your Battle of Britain Terrain and the planes during that time period. Best Regards, Brent
  5. Hi Stratos, I was thinking of a mod to make the AI more aggressive and following through during an attack. Brent
  6. Has anyone ever been able to modify the AI in SF2? I know within the mission editor and in the completed mission, changes can be made to increase the experience and training of enemy pilots but what about the core AI structure? I also just bought Track IR 5 and it works very well with SF2. I disable the Z axis so objects appear at their true size and distance. Many many thanks to all the modders here. I'm currenlty flying the Israel extension pack and it is thrilling. Brent
  7. Thank you Wrench! That's what I started thinking. You can't just place them in a terrain folder but they must be placed by someone who has the experience in working with terrains. Best wishes, Brentw
  8. I am fairly experienced with Mod folders, but I'm not sure where Geezer's new airfield items belong? Do the three folders go into the Ground Objects folders? Or do the items go into the Terrain folders for any terrains you are using like Flanders or Cambrai? Thanks for your help. Brentw
  9. Thank you all for your help and time. And the beautiful terrain! Brentw
  10. Thank you Rends for your tremendous work and the many contributions of others involved for many years in the SF series. I have what I hope is not a brain dead question. When I click on Part 2, the file size is 602mb When I click on download I see two downloads of 301mb each so I figured it's being divided into 2 exactly half downloads. So I downloaded both of them. When I unzip them, the contents look exactly identical. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong or have brain in lock mode instead of target lock. Thank you for your help. Brentw
  11. Thank you Ravenclaw and Jonathan. I think I should have looked further into it on my own. Great help!! Brent
  12. With SF2 and especially SF2 NA, what are the best planes or add on planes with missles for Anti ship missions. I can think of perhaps the F-18 and the Dassault Super Etendard which has the M39 Exocet. I am trying to find some other planes as well and Googleling anti-ship missles launched by planes. I don't know if any planes can carry the Harpoon and the LRASM system. Thanks for your help. Brentw

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