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  1. Glad it's back

    Was very worried my 2nd favorite site was gone forever! Thanks for all the hard work put in by everyone here! By the way If anyone here does R/C Submarines or is interested in this hobby check out WWW.subpirates.com Thanks again for the stuff here! John
  2. Thanks I'll give it a go
  3. I just logged onto 5th column and there are several new aircraft for WOV and SFP1 there including (I feel like heaven opened the gates) the absolutly magnifcent way ahead of it's time B-58A Hustler! By the bye I have downloaded the latest weapons mods and I hate to say it the way it split all the weapons is not a good thing IMHO. I have kind of moded the Mercanery campaign to include aircraft from all the different eras. It can be quite challenging engaging a Zero in a gun battle with a jet. Not always a guarnteed kill as the Zero quite easily outurns any jet in the game except maybe the A-10. Is there an easy way to reintergrate all the weapons together again? John
  4. Aircraft I would love to see added.... The F-3 Demon The XB-70 The SR-71 THE YF-12 varient of the SR-71 with 4 Eagle missles later to be reborn along with it's radar and guidence pack in the F-14 as the Phoenix Aim-54 series. main difference is the Phoenix has a parbolic nose and the nose is a Fibreglass composite on the A-12 it was a boron silicate composite to withstand launchat over mach 3 and was a cone for better near hypersonic speed. Yak Forger VSTOL The MIGHTY Vodoo in all it's varients Cutlass family The Beautiful Seamaster Jet powered Seaplane Ekranaplane Not sure of spelling the ground effect flying ship Russian late 70's early 80's Some of the early VSTOL aircraft from France and Germany The Sea Dart The Pogo and Salmon and Vertijet VTOL Fighters The Mighty Russian Bears More Dassaults More Yaks X planes Northrup Ramwing The BlackBullet The WW2 Volksfighter Imagine a free for all dogfight with jet aircraft from all the eras 40,s to today GUNS only! I think there would be some surprises. While we are at it This is a sim after all how about some what if's... The F11F Tiger with the promised thrust that was never delivered Same with the Cutlass and many others that were shackled with mediocore powerplants. AND YES SOME MORE MODERN Aircraft. F-22 Raptor Eurofighter Rafale To name a few
  5. Okay I am real bad at even attempting to create an aircraft for any flight sim so I depend on addon's that sometimes cover a specific aircraft I am wanting. Well case in point I am hoping someone somewhere has or is developing the Delta Dagger and Dart for WOV and SF. Both these were based in Nam for a whilefor bomber intercepts and used as Migcap for some B-52 ops. Plus they were armed with Genie unguided Nuke rockets to destroy bomber formations. I would love to see them in WOV and SF. Also on the wish list Hound-dog Cruise missles and Quail ECM drones for the B-52 and also as an addon aircraft the B-58 Hustler. Fervently crossing fingers and hoping. John

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