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  1. ------------------------- Thanks Saganuay, although it seems that the solution was easier than I thought! Basically I got it by taking the weapons folder and putting it in the Object folder like you said alongside of the 3 files unziped with the packet. I didn't have to use the editor at all! I checked and I got all the new weapons on the extra planes I'm installing for the 1962 campaign. What I was doing wrong was directly taking the entire folder and putting it into another weapons folder in the objects folder. Or in other words double folders.
  2. "22. How do I add weapons to the game? Manually adding weapons requires the use of the Weapons Editor released by ThirdWire--it is an advanced procedure that should only be attempted by experienced users. However, the Weapons Pack Team regularly releases new, easy to install weapons packs for SF. Download the latest Weapons Pack from CombatAce and you will be up to date!" I've downloaded the latest weapon pack which lacked any instructions on where to install all those new files. The most logical place to unzip them to seems to be the Objects file but I could be way off. I know there are instructions on how to manually create new weaponds but it's clear that all those files are meant to be dropped somewhere.
  3. Medals

    I should add that at least for me it was easier to snap a picture of the medals in the guide rather the game screen.
  4. Medals

    Ok, since no one had answered this I went on my own quest and will offer the information to other newbies. From what I found, the general opinion is that a "medal tally" screen was not included in the final production. The medals themselves are awarded as a measure of your performance during the mission rather than the entire career. Your career instead is measured by your rank. Basically if you would like a visual record of your awards, then you'll have to use the magic of Print Screen+MSPaint on your own document.
  5. 1000 apologies if this is common knowledge, but where are the medals you've earned shown? In the manual it says it's in the profile but I've yet to find it after starting the Burning Sands campaign and earning the air medal. Also are these medals just in the campaign or are they earned\carried over into the characters overall record?
  6. Buff responded "Perhaps try posting in Third Wire's forum for the other issues - afaik you are the only user to report this." ------ He's not the only one, I too have the same problem. I downloaded and installed Service Pack 3, Update 3.1, and 3.2 in order. However when I hit the fly button in instant mission mode it crashes to the desktop. I didn't seem to have this problem after installing version 3.1, just 3.2. I'll try reinstalling it again, this time by also reinstalling the Direct X 9 as well. In case you're wondering I'm running XP with an Intel graphics.

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