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  1. Jane's USAF

    I realize that this has probably been beat to death beforehand, and for that I apologize, but... I would like to run Jane's USAF on WinXP. I have a perfectly good 98SE box running a Geforce DDR and a PII-400, but I think my XP box would make the experience all the better if possible. I can get the game to run in XP, but the pull down menus don't work. I heard rumblings of a fix for this about 2 years ago, does anyone know of a fix?
  2. what are they? I've looked and looked in the documentation and I couldn't find anything
  3. So I started the Burning Sands campaign sunday with the Roadrunners with the campaign set to long. I've played it a godo bit in the past two days and it seemed that the allies were winning. Well the sim time is now 1972 or later. How long will this thing last?
  4. How does one go about adding weapons from the latest weapons pack to aircraft. For instance, I've noticed some aircraft that had AGM-12 capability A-4b and f-100 do not have the weapon available. How could I fix that?
  5. Has anyone gotten Jane's USAF or F/A-18 to run reliably in WinXP?
  6. Hi all, first post! I'm a big fan of the era modeled by SFP1 and WOV, and I was wondering if anyone has made more add ons from the century series such as the f-101, f-102, the various delta dagger/darts and so on. The models I've seen for the thud rule, as do the 104 and 100 models.

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