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  1. Dear Centurion-1 thank you for your valuable comment. The setup is pretty much like that yes, in addition that there is also a city connecting to Node Y.... After making this setup work, I will try to make it like BHQ - NodeX - Main City - Node Y - RHQ. Make the Nicosia a battle ground which would likely be the case in a possible I City 2 conflict. And also add additional cities to nodes which requires some editting on targets in cities also. Especially cities like Limassol, Girne, Gazi Magusa must be editted for harbors for example. I want to ask; is there an option to relocate capitals - main bases during campaign that we can set up in .ini files? If that so it will add variety to the campaign and a longer conflict.
  2. As a newcomer who is just getting the hang of SF2 modding, I have made a basic - minimal campaign for Anatolia v2. It takes part in Cyprus only, not the historical one but a fictional modern campaign. I edited targets.ini and deleted everything non-Cyprus as the campaign engine was assigning far-away missions which had nothing to do with the island. The bases are chosen to be Ercan and Pathos airfields. The air units are 1 F-16 squadron (made by Viper Team) on each side. I have modded the F-16 weapons to include the latest Turkish designs like NEB, KGK, SOM etc... I have edited the strategic nodes according to info I gathered from previous topics... Here is my setup... The main bases each are connected to land unit bases of own side. And the land unit bases of each side are connected to each other. Hence the two land bases which house around 40 tanks each, will take turns to launch strikes against the other base and I am hoping the engine will pick CAS for us meanwhile. Since I learnt that nodes setup is a messy thing I decided to keep it very simple like that. Only Larnaca, which is a harbor city is connected to southern land base in addition to the airbase. Thus the northborne attack; after defeating the enemy land forces may opt to take over Larnaca or Pathos airfield. Will test if it works... Step by step... Things I want to implement later are; 1) Naval units, however I do not want to edit them in targets since I read they will become stationary and undetectable by RWR, 2) Shipping lines to harbor cities. Maybe could time with weapon - supply increase times? 3) Inclusion of cities to ground war. Maybe will have ground combat in a city like Lefkose... comes to mind at first. I am waiting for your valuable comments, please evaluate and give ideas.
  3. This topic seems to be inactive for more than 2 years so I am afraid the plans for a campaign have been shelved? Actually, now would be ideal since a lot of material that I see that was not available back then, is available now, like working Turkish and Greek aircraft, weapons etc... And the map is perfect, I have rarely seen such a complete and detailed mod in many games I have played. Well speaking for myself, as a newcomer to SF2 world, I am trying to mod a Cyprus campaign with my again new modding knowledge. Let's see how it will turn out.
  4. F-16C Block 50/52 by The Viper Team

    Great mod, but is there any way to have some variations - mods in the mfds. Like a tactical display instead of a fixed map. Or is it possible to introduce new key functions to sim and make radar cursor moveable for example.

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