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  1. Marcfighters Su-27 Re-Worked

    Thanks a lot for this mod, I'm enjoying it a lot! Only caveat: RWR has no sound for me. Is this normal? Can I modify one of the .ini files to have the RWR sounds of one of the stock aircraft?
  2. Thanks MigBuster, I think I'm experiencing the same glitches that were described by stuntman and viper63a earlier in this thread - flickering models, parts of terrain dissapearing for a while, and some plane parts "exploding out", especially in external views. These glitches are particularly noticeable just after loading and starting a mission, it tends to go away 1-2 minutes after starting to fly. I'll try to attach some screenshots showing the problem. Yes, I have a modded install, I have Stary's mod for terrain.
  3. Hi all, I'm experiencing the same issues others have described right after updating NVidia drivers to version 355.60. Short of downgrading to 353.62, has anyone found out another solution to the graphical glitches? Thanks,

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