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  1. What a rush! What an honor to be part of it. Menrva had the dream and we had the will, but none of this could have been possible without the "CombatAce" community. So THANK YOU - All who came before, are here today, and will be in the future. This is for you! Enjoy! My personal Thanks to Menrva, yakarov79, guuruu, daddyairplanes, and Coupi - I learned a lot from you guys. Menrva, your ability to integrate the ENTIRE pack with all the mods and changes we threw at you, optimize them - while building and testing yourself - and STILL find time to direct and keep us on track is truly AMAZING!
  2. BMS Falcon 4.35

    Caught between SF2 and DSC, FalconBMS is an amazing testament to dedication. Can you imagine if SF2 had that level of commitment to development? Thumbs way up to the BMS team!
  3. Falcon Evolution

    I fly SF2 most of the time now. The level of commitment is casual and fun. It has just amount of complexity to make it fun. Wish we could update it like the BMS and FreeFalcon teams did. SF2 is holding up well but showing its age. Can you imagine an updated SF2? Not talking about complexity...TW got that nailed - updating just the game and graphics engine to take advantage of the current technology. It would be awesome! I think BMS had a rough spot during the transition, but 435 is looking pretty good. Configuring the controllers is the most challenging task in these sims. It seemed easier this time. But still have to program all those settings. Then, remember those along with SF2, DCS, Sturmovik, Elite, war thunder....whew!. I sort of defaulted to SF2. I still boot up falcon, install the updates, configure it (seemed easier this time?) just enough to fly around and take in the scenery. Falcon will always have a place on my shelf. For me, SF2 is more about dogfighting and bombing...DCS, and to some level, Falcon, is more about flying than fighting...there is fun in all of them.
  4. Third Wire F-8 Crusader Upgrade & Enhancement

    Nice Job! Thanks!!!!
  5. Jet pilot

    I am grateful to have access to your wonderful work - Excellent! Thank you so much! :)
  6. Art101 For Modders - Theory

    Nice article, last thing we want to do is create toy looking versions of real things. Unless that is the intent. :)
  7. So...in a side seat config, do British pilots sit on the left or the right?
  8. Jet pilot

    First off all, I love your work. Couple of questions... 1) These pilots are left handed? Right hand should be on stick and left on throttle. ie, on F-15s and most other jets...least US jets. 2) F-16 stick is on the right side and throttle on left, so both hands should be by the pilot's side? This config can also be used for the back seater in the F-15D/Es... 3) Will you be making any pilots with modern 80s helmet with oxy mask with tube in the middle and 90s helmets with oxy mask with the tube on the side? Thanks again!
  9. Tornado GR.1A Desert Storm

    Man, those Tonka rivets are seared into my brain. This and the other variants have come a long way, they are beautiful. Great job!
  10. Mirage F-1C_RWR

    Excellent addition to my library! Thanks!
  11. Mirage F-1C_82

    Excellent addition to my library! Thanks!
  12. Mirage F1C-200

    Very Nice! A+ 5 Stars!
  13. Sukhoi Su-17/20/22 (Fitter B-C-D-F)

    Nice! Thanks! Love these mega packs!
  14. Let's hope he started modding and got carried away like "we" all do...LOLOLOL...Maybe it will be better than promised...positive thoughts...see where this goes... :)

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