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  1. Something like this happened to me...when I copied (backed up) my folders and copied them back onto a new computer...all the files were in RO mode. I had to select the top folder and remove the Read Only flag...then it worked fine. Good Luck. =V=
  2. EA-18G VAQ-139 CAG

    After downloading and uncompressing all the skins, I find myself with a collections of squadron folders with no idea where they go? LOL =v=
  3. Simple, on-line co-op play! That would be my number 1 wish...love to fly with you people!
  4. My 2 cents...I dropped ASUS long time ago because they used cheap brittle plastics on my motherboard. The memory stick locks just snapped off. The board worked fine, but when I upgraded, I didn't buy another ASUS board. I won't say who I am happy with, so this comment won't sound bias...so take this for what's its worth - one person's experience. =V=
  5. Forrest Sherman-class destroyer(*)

    Shame, I don't have YAP lods...But looks really nice...
  6. Same here...was just going to post it when I found your post. I uninstalled 419 and reinstalled the 418 driver - which works. Thanks
  7. SF2 SU-30SM Flanker Pack Redux 2016

    When I mean clean install...I mean no other mods...you tried that? Right? Also, Try this...right click your mod folder > Properties > Unclick the Read Only Attribute and click Apply... This fixes some weirds issues for me...
  8. SF2 SU-30SM Flanker Pack Redux 2016

    wow. that is weird...is anyone else having this issue? That question was for the general audience...
  9. SF2 SU-30SM Flanker Pack Redux 2016

    I downloaded the pack and installed it in my mod setup...I tried all the default loadouts and I don't see a pilot on a missile...can you attach a pic? Try selecting the mod folder > properties > uncheck the "Read Only" and Apply...see if that helps...this fixes some things for me... =v=
  10. Some beautiful work happening here!
  11. Loading.wav in the flight folder...

    1. bazillius


      Thank you, friend. You helped me.))

    2. viper63a

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