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  1. I will look for them. If you post them and I don't respond - please PM me...Thanks and Thanks - to everyone involved! Appreciate it! =V=
  2. I've been working on v1.2 - just deleting many duplicate files trying to reduce the footprint of the package...so I can add any changes to the next release. I downloaded and added the F-15SE Data and Loadout changes. Tested it and it looks good! This is a big package, we did our best, but we're pretty sure we're not perfect...LOL. This is for anyone making changes - especially accuracy changes - I welcome all tweaks and edit that improves the package. This package belongs to all of us. I will credit your submission in the change log! Thanks!
  3. Wrench is right...this is a communal effort, built on founders and creators who came before us. We add, tweak and try to make them better and keep them alive - as you are doing right now. This is how this works...Sorry, I didn't back to you sooner. If you send me all the changes, I can add them to the pack...let me know... =V= PS! Holy Crap...there have been some really good post!!! Thanks
  4. UH-1H Huey. SF2. V1

    Yakarov79, Hmmm...Nice job! I don't expect things I get for free to be perfect. I appreciate your time and effort! So Thank you! I didn't know there was a sound pack, so I made up my own. Let me send it to you. If you like it better than the original, please feel free to add and share. =V= https://www.dropbox.com/s/39ecij4nnp1tydl/UH-1_Huey_SF2_V1 - Patch.7z?dl=0
  5. SF2 F-15 Eagle Super Pack Redux 2018

    Awesome video!!!
  6. Northrop's F-5F Ejection Seat

  7. Republic of China Air Force F-5F Tiger II Skins & Decals (HD)

    Got to love those F-5s! Thanks!
  8. twin rocket-pods assembly , left and right

  9. F104L from Cocas and Co

  10. F-16 Cockpits with NVG

    Welcome Back!!! Thanks!
  11. F104M from Cocas and Co

  12. F-35A/B/C Lightning II V 2.5 for SF2

    Awesome pack...fixed most of the above...one that bugs me is...when you take off, the plane drift to the left before taking off? Anyone fix that issue? Thanks! Highly recommend!
  13. I updated some pix and now it waiting for admin approval...sorry about that. Didn't think updating pix would require admin approval... Thanks for the comments! Glad you like the new bird! =V=

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