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  1. AGM-12E

    Absolutely, Ravenclaw! I just uploaded 40 pics to the same folder. Yeah, that's probably overkill... I included some close ups of one of the wings too. They are all the same, less serial numbers and date of manufacture. One is a Rev. G, the other three are Rev. E. Being new to this forum, (the only forum I've ever joined...) I'm not sure if I should just leave them in the folder, or drag them into this thread. Let me know if you would like any other photos or different angles of anything. I also have an AIM-4E Falcon (an old beater that I haven't started work on yet) and a full set of fins and wings for an AIM-9L/M, if you need any photos of those. I can accurately measure any features, if that is helpful to you. I take back what I said earlier about the missile spinning like a bullet. I watched a couple of videos on YT that clearly show that Bullpups spin counterclockwise, (looks more like a corkscrew) which is what the bent wing tips would cause. It makes me wonder how the guidance system knew which direction was up or down if it was constantly changing... I plan on making a trip to the Air Force museum in Dayton, OH in a couple of months to get a bunch of decent photos of the details I need.
  2. AGM-12E

    Gentlemen, I collect inert ordnance related items, including rockets, missiles and parts. I recently purchased an AGM-12 nosecone and a set of wings from a surplus dealer. According to the markings, it will fit a B-2, B-3, or C-2 series Bullpup. I found your discussion while digging to the bottom of the Internet, in search of information, and especially photos that show enough detail to build the body of the missile in exact detail. The nosecone I have includes a Mk15 T.D.D. (target detection device), which I believe is what the Scooter is wearing on its outboard hardpoint, in the photo that Ravenclaw_007 provided. That is the ONLY photo on this man's Internet that I could find of that device, on or off of a Bullpup. Thank you, Ravenclaw! I was hoping that the dealer I bought the nosecone from had a set of wings for a C model, because that is just a better looking missile to me, than the B, but I'm happy that I don't have to build either set. I realize what a TDD does, many missiles and mines have them, but I haven't found any information on why a few Bullpups had them. As 331Killerbee pointed out, it was very rare, but can you tell me why they used it? Special targets? Perhaps just for testing that particular TDD? Any information would be much appreciated. I'll attempt to post a photo of the nosecone and one wing, in case anyone cares to see the details of it. I noticed that all the wings are cast aluminum and have a slight bend built into rear, outboard tip. No deformation of the paint, all are identical, so it doesn't look like a demil process. I can't imagine them spinning like a bullet, so there has to be a different reason for the bends. Anyway, thanks for some great reading!

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