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  1. ROF

    Has anyone in the US started a ROF squardron? Winter's approaching so I need to get ready for cabin fever. Hey Dagger.
  2. Monitor, suggestions?

    I've got a NEC MultiSync 75 that's 7 years old so I can run any older games on it. The only two older games that I would want to run on the new monitor will be IL2 1946 and BOB WOV, since it will be incorporated in the cockpit.
  3. Monitor, suggestions?

    What does the 16:10 refer to?
  4. What opinion have ye? What are the 19 inch monitors like? Or would I be better off spending a little more for a 20 or 21 incher? Thanks.
  5. Anyone here build a sim cockpit? I'm planning on putting something together to position the controls where they ought to be. Not for a look alike section, but for placement only. I find using a joystick at a desk awkward and I'm thinking of rudder pedals which would be easier to operate if I'm closer to the floor. It may be skeletal, or I might panel it only to keep the dust off the CPU and components during storage. It's going to be in the basement after all. So if anyone has done this I would appreciate hearing of their experiances.
  6. Yeup, they're calling for Dec. 07 as the release date. I haven't tried the newest IL2 release yet, I hear SH4 has gone gold. I don't imagine SH4 will play on my machine, but the IL2 addon should. Need to buy a stick first as I've been busy shoveling snow lately. Selling the bike to put together a proper flight sim cockpit.
  7. Vista?

    Thanks Fates, I think I've figured out a plan of attack. It's the more obvious one and one that makes the most sense. Barring the lag issue between software and hardware, I'm going to set my sights on Ubisoft's next Oleg creation, wait until the specs for that game comes out and then buy over the performance listed. The release date is slated for Dec., so that will give me more time to scrape the cash together. Being more than 6 months away I have a feeling that the techno curve will have enough time to bend back on itself, if you get my drift.
  8. Vista?

    Well, I've painted myself into a corner over this new machine. I've given much thought to your offer Buff and had to ask myself what it is I really want to do with the next PC I own. It's to be a pure toy. I'm trading one toy (my motorcycle) for another. But it's not going to stop there. I've always wanted to experiance a flight sim like none I've experianced. That means not trying to get by with minimum memory, speed, and equipment. I'd like to run TrackIR, rudder pedals, and surround sound. For me it's been a perpetual battle since my first sim, Aces over Europe, just to get any of them to run with any simlitude of smooth. Having said that, can't overlook the main event, the sim itself. For that I've been watching one sim in particular, Oleg's next creation, Battle of Britian Storm of War. Herein lies the quandry. This game isn't showing up on any of the radar screens right now (well, I couldn't find much on the sims development anyway). Just youtube videos, which show amazing detail in the graphics (layered cloud formations) and claims to simulate changing atmospheric conditions. No estimate of specs, no datum in which to start knowing what to expect as far as needed performance. But if it does all they want it to, todays PC is going to chug along, I think. And like IL2 I have a funny feeling that the release specs will overshadow the the estimated ones. And this, of course, will be the pattern for each subsequent addon expected to follow. As was the case with IL2. So, I would like to upgrade and mess around with SH4 but this is a one time system build for at least ten years, well, 5 hopefully. Do I wait and see where the techno curve runs and what BoB will need, or not?
  9. Found the name for the coming sim. Battle of Britian Storm of War. It's suppose to be out 2nd Q 07, but I haven't found any officcial websites yet. There are some feature films of it on youtube. It's by 1 MC.
  10. Did Ubisoft release the next sim from Oleg yet? It was suppose to take place during the Battle of Britian with a new game engine. Just curious as to the specs. Thanks.
  11. Vista?

    I looked at Dell's website. They're offering their PC's with Win XP with the option of a downloaded upgrade to Vista at a later date. As I understand it Alienware was bought out buy Dell and so it's kinda like one in the same, if true. Dell's are cheaper though, so I suppose the Alienware name is worth some extra cash. Again, if what I heard is true and Dell is in fact owner of Alienware. I wish I was more knowledgable of PC's. I hear from one person that Dell is a problem machine I hear from another that it's a good machine. I'm proceeding slowly in this next purchase, but it isn't alleviating the confusion any. If I knew how I'd build my own I would. Not that splicing the parts together is hard, but knowing what is compatible with what, is. Or, for that matter, what all the acronyms pertaining to hardware mean. Any info you can find out will be greatly helpful and appreciated.
  12. Vista?

    I'm thinking I want to upgrade my machine for some of the new games coming out. My intention is to reload Strike Fighters, purchase the WW1 sim by Third Wire, the new Band of Brothers, SH4, and the armor sim comong out. Winters are long around here. I'm talking a major leap as my PC is older than dirt in PC years. I was looking at Alienware but nooticed that the one I'm looking at comes with Vista. I'm not sure if I should be expecting anything but trouble with this new technology (DX10) especially with Third Wire products, and possibly the other sims that probably won't be written for Direct x 10 anyway. I've also perused ADK's offerings which are still being offered with XP. The thing about that is I've always bought a PC on special which meant I've always been a tad behind the techo/performance curve. I'm getting old and would like for once experiance a new game at full tilt with all the bells and whistles. And perhaps have a machine which will keep me there for at least 2 years anyway. Vista with it's Direct X 10 is going to be the influencing force for how future games will be written. So should I go with the machine that comes with Vista and put up with all the teething problems associated with it, or be safe and go with what I know works in the here and now? Thanks
  13. Haven't seen it in any of the stores I frequent. Seems Gamestop has gone all console all the time around here. Thanks
  14. I haven't played this game since my last post here, how many patches have come out? And did they get the multi-player option up and running? Thanks.

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