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  1. My sorry excuse for a flight game

    SkyHussars R12 is available: Due to my limited free time, I was able to include only a handful of features. Enemies are flying again, there are some improvements in physics, there are some features which are making progress in the background. The main problem at the moment that the controls are too sensitive, something that I should fix soon. The other thing is that in case of negative aoa it easy to loose control of the plane, I suspect an issue with the damping code again. New features: Initial TerrainEd UI Projectiles physics are in sync with rest of the physics Small deadzone to joystick Save As… functionality for PlaneEd AI planes won’t fall from the sky when a new game is started Preparation for selectable maps Reorganized PlaneEd UI, moved telemetry panels to the right Please watch the release video here: Release and source code available here: https://github.com/ZoltanTheHun/SkyHussars/releases/tag/R12
  2. My sorry excuse for a flight game

    SkyHussars R11 is out now. New features: New, slightly more accurate flight model Bullet updates are independent of framerate AOA is displayed on UI Airspeed Indicator is added to the cockpit PlaneEditor has Speed, Height ad AOA simulation Small graphical enhancements, bugfixes etc.... New bugs: Physics is not enabled for AI planes Shooting bullets can selfdestruct the plane Reset does not reset plane to original condition Please see the release video here: https://youtu.be/gFh2aUSuMGw GitHub: https://github.com/ZoltanTheHun/SkyHussars/releases/tag/R11
  3. My sorry excuse for a flight game

    Thank you! I will definitely look into that! SkyHussars R10 is out. Release is available at: https://github.com/ZoltanTheHun/SkyHussars/releases/tag/R10 The new features include: Fixed bug when it was impossible to start a new mission after exiting one. Lots of background in preparation of loadable terrain Airfoils are correctly loaded into PlaneEditor New terrain texture and terrain model introduced First cockpit implementation Shadow bug fixed, it is again possible to see smooth shadows on the surface of the plane. Refactoring, code improvements in the background. A new video will show some of these advances. There is a short clip of the plane editor, after that I show how to set the joystick and I show a configuration file for the game and one for a plane used by the game. All game objects in the future should be configurable via text files, but I try to provide some enhanced tools for modding the game. Terrain just had its folder created. A created a cockpit model, which lacks everything, but will do for now. I show the plane from the outside, then from the inside. There is a little "dogfight". Then I show how shadow is cast to terrain, and then I start another flight with different lighting conditions. At the very end a new bug pops up, so there is work for next month.
  4. My sorry excuse for a flight game

    I managed to get some worked done again. Most of the work is in the background, I prepare for more modular terrain, so I can work on a terrain editor later, and I had a little work on the plane editor too. I was also playing with some terrain textures, and terrain editing. It is not looking good yet, but I was able to put the code through some high poly stress tests, and I am satisfied with the results: despite the lack of optimization the engine was able to display a 2048x2048 terrain with 15+ framerates:
  5. My sorry excuse for a flight game

    Thanks everyone for commenting. Since my last post I made some small fixes: There are a small new features that I was able to implement since the last release. The most important one that games won't stuck at the main menu after exiting a flight. After that I took up the work on the Terrain Manager. Small change, but a few of the terrain properties are coming from objects now, which is the first step to be able to select between terrains. The third change is that there is a new panel on the plane editor. This panel will contain airfoil properties. It is already capable of displaying a few of them, but there is a long way to go for fully editable airfoils. I hope I can keep my working spirit and put some further small features in until then ext release.
  6. My sorry excuse for a flight game

    Hi folks, I did not want to create a new topic, so I post it here. A new release of my humble flight game is available here: https://github.com/ZoltanTheHun/SkyHussars/releases/tag/R9 The new features this time are: Menu navigation and menu look are improved Project upgraded to jMonkey 3.1 Joystick support First altimeter ingame First Options menu, options can be saved Camera outer view movement First Plane Editor
  7. I wonder if full screen shaders could be added to pimp up the game like I made with this screenshot...
  8. I have been away for a while.... 1956, Germany.
  9. SkyHussars R7 is out

    Thanks Stary, the engine is jMonkeyEngine. It provides many useful 3D facilities, it also supports input, sound, and so on. It is not as advanced as Unity or Unreal, but I wanted to code in Java, and I wanted to do it full open source, and this was the only option which full-filled both. I write the physics, the gameplay, the menus, datastructures and so on. I don't want to write the 3D code, the rest gives enough work to do, but hopefully as the project matures, I can give back a few things to the engine developers.
  10. SkyHussars R7 is out

    Thanks ShrikeHawk
  11. SkyHussars R7 is out

    Hi everyone, please let me know if this is not the right place of discussion, I don't want to spam the forum, with news about my little toy. Soooooo, SkyHussary R7 is out! A rocky release, further information and download is available here: https://github.com/ZoltanTheHun/SkyHussars/releases/tag/R7 The gist of the release notes is that I had to update the engine to jMonkeyEngine 3.1.0-beta1, and I won't be able to fix all issues that came with that. I had to update the engine version because of 2 reasons: 1 is a nasty sound bug, the other is that the dependencies for 3.0.10 were not available only, so noone could build the project if bothered. There are some good things do: decoupling of the render thread from the logic thread had great progress. AI was moved and I solved an issue with the copying of screen data from the logic thread to the render thread. All the changes had the effect that i can do 30 fps easily with 250 planes on screen. This was useful for testing the polygon rendering capabilities, because that is one concern about using Java. Surely the recorded video is only 12 fps or below that, because of the recording program. A few words about the modelling: I use a so called lock step model. The idea here is that the game logic is updated n times per second. Every logic update does the following: it updates the physics for the planes and their positions, the ai makes decisions, there is collision check and so on. Whenever the rendering starts, it will consult the game logic about the current status and it copies over the necessary information: positions and transformations. There are a lots of good things coming out of it: - We have at least 2 threads running. So multicore CPUs are utilized. But better, because the nature of these updates, like physics for planes are easy to make parallel, with the right use of Java, 4 or 8 core CPUs are utilized now. - Updates are independent of framerate. Each logic update has the same time change between them, so if the screen freezes for a second, the simulation remains stable(drawback, that it won't provide hard real time situation,de clock ingame will deverge from real clock) - It will help with replay and multiplayer development: every logic step is associated with a growing counter. Each input is associated with one such update, and clients need only to exchange these inputs. More info on this later. The other improvement is in the plane descriptor file. Here is an example: { "name" : "Lockheed P-80A-5-LO Shooting Star", "engineLocations" : [ { "engineDescriptor" : { "name" : "Allison J33-A-17", "thrustMax" : 17792 }, "location" : { "x" : 0.0, "y" : 0.0, "z" : 0.0 } } ], "massEmpty" : 3593.0, "massTakeOffMax" : 6350.0, "massGross" : 5307.0, "internalTank" : 1609.0, "airfolDescriptors" : [ { "name" : "WingLeft", "cog" : { "x" : -2.0, "y" : 0.0, "z" : -0.2 }, "wingArea" : 11.035, "incidence" : 1.0, "aspectRatio" : 6.37, "damper" : true, "dehidralDegree" : 0.0 }, { "name" : "WingRight", "cog" : { "x" : 2.0, "y" : 0.0, "z" : -0.2 }, "wingArea" : 11.035, "incidence" : 1.0, "aspectRatio" : 6.37, "damper" : true, "dehidralDegree" : 0.0 }, { "name" : "HorizontalStabilizer", "cog" : { "x" : 0.0, "y" : 0.0, "z" : -6.0 }, "wingArea" : 5.0, "incidence" : -3.0, "aspectRatio" : 4.2466664, "damper" : false, "dehidralDegree" : 0.0 }, { "name" : "VerticalStabilizer", "cog" : { "x" : 0.0, "y" : 0.0, "z" : -6.0 }, "wingArea" : 5.0, "incidence" : 0.0, "aspectRatio" : 4.2466664, "damper" : false, "dehidralDegree" : 90.0 } ], "gunGroupDescriptors" : [ { "name" : "6x .50 M3 Browning", "gunLocations" : [ { "gunDescriptor" : { "name" : ".50 M3 Browning", "rateOfFire" : 20.0, "bulletDescriptor" : null, "muzzleVelocity" : 890.0, "spread" : 0.5 }, "roundsMax" : 300, "location" : { "x" : 0.5, "y" : 0.0, "z" : 2.0 } }, { "gunDescriptor" : { "name" : ".50 M3 Browning", "rateOfFire" : 20.0, "bulletDescriptor" : null, "muzzleVelocity" : 890.0, "spread" : 0.5 }, "roundsMax" : 300, "location" : { "x" : -0.5, "y" : 0.0, "z" : 2.0 } } ] } ] } More on a file format later, but I hope the intent is clear: easy to use human readable format. However here are 2 important proposals for the future: - An opensource mod server will be added. Players can start their own mod server or join one, and can download new planes, missions,everything. - Mods will be versioned and credited. This way it is going to be easy to keep installations up-to-date and in sync. - Long loadtimes will be avoided by preprocessing the text files at first run. So these are some minor ideas around modding. Important to know, that the airfoils and engines are stored as a list, and any number of these can be added, depending on their position and other parameters they will affect the flight. Here is a video from the release, the framerate is slow because of the capturing device and the 250 planes flying around, and it is without LOD at the moment. The release is available here: https://github.com/ZoltanTheHun/SkyHussars/releases/tag/R7 A few words about the requirements: Java8 and a card supporting OpenGL 2 is must, a dual core CPU is useful, but I was unable to test the game on weaker hardware than my own config. If you like the game, or you are interesting in more text with better quality, videos and more, please consider supporting me on Patreon. Even 1$ matters. https://www.patreon.com/skyhussars Time to go to sleep. Cheers everyone.
  12. Independence Day

    A problem with the statement that economic changes mostly working in decades. It takes about 2-3 years to exit the EU, up until then, it is just uncertainty, and what comes after that? How the UK will be cleaner? If not cleaner, but it is going to be leaner without Scotland, isn't it? How much pension money are we burning away in the process? And how much jobs? Is it worth the price to lose car manufacturing in the process? Or will all does damned immigrants remain just for the free trade? Did you know that the 62% of the agricultural export of the UK goes to export? Did you know that Norway has free trade agreement with the EU, but they pay tariffs on agricultural goods, yet they get all the immigrants like an EU member? Do you think that a supranational state like entity should leave its financial sector outside its borders without its regulations and what kind of effect that can have on the City? There are a lot of questions to answer, and it is going to be a long ride. But first someone should trigger that Article 50, which won't necesseraly happen as the referendum was not binding afaik, and suddenly, the real ballsy guys whom were so loud about that, already retreated. For financials nothing is worth then waiting in uncertainty. In the meanwhile, another handful of people had a very nice day: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/jul/04/standard-life-shuts-property-fund-post-brexit-withdrawals
  13. Independence Day

    I am afraid, you don't understand the concept of shorting. This market movement realized in a tremendous amount of loss for some traders and for pension funds. Sure, markets rebound, but I suppose you do now that this happens via speculation. As an example: pension funds must sell their most risky investments after a certain loss to prevent further loss to investors, this is bought up by speculators, and sold back to them at a higher price once the risk diminishes. This is normal activity, as you know, it is better than having a total crash, but it means that for the given year you will have a bit lower yield on your investment at the end of the year. Also, please do notice a few things: FTSE 250 is still down, the pound is down, the Bank of England will cut interest rate, both UK and EU lost from its credit rating, and there is a lot of uncertainty on the markets. And as I mentioned in a post before, exiting the EU does does not mean that the UK goes back to dark ages, but that GDP growth will be a few percentage point behind in comparison to what could be achieved without this hassle what we see now. .
  14. Independence Day

    The problem with this, Rusty Morley, that immigrants made England in the past: the Anglo-Saxons, the Norse, the French all immigrated to England and chased to Celts to West and the North. The good thing is that all the Eastern Europeans are leaving their languages behind, they have the same religious heritage from the past and they have the same cultural interests in the present, and their children will share the language too, they will be English just like your German queen.
  15. Independence Day

    Hungary will hold a referendum on refugees too. Britain is not part of Schengen, and It was not forced to take any refugees. Also Hungary will fight to stop any quotas to happen, and our government expected to work together with the conservative British government against that. Regarding Switzerland and voting: Though they held a referendum, where 50.3% of the votes were against Schengen, its actual implementation afaik is yet to be announced, and the end results can be such, that though there are quotas set up, those are high enough to not make a dent on the movement of workforce. The other thing is bank secrecy, it was just last year that the EU made an accord with Switzerland to end bank secrecy, no popular vote about that, and it shows that the EU might matter in certain occasions. It is a sad thing to see Britain go, because it was an important counterbalance to Germany and France. I don't think that it is impossible to fight "EU burocrats", though in my opinion the EU is still more governed by the agreement of PMs rather those bureaucrats. As for the Brexit, there is not much to win there for Britain, probably more to loose. - To access the freemarket Britain must accept free movement of the workforce. Yeah, those going for healthcare must go, that 1-5%. (I would like to mention though, that Eastern Europe has very good healthcare services that is very much enjoyed by the British population, because it is cheaper to take a flight and stay in Budapest for a few days then to go to a dental surgery in Britain(fortunately this option will remain open)). - Fish do not know borders, because of interstate agreements, there won't be much change to the fishing industry. - One thing probably to loose is Scotland and some of the oil over there. - The other thing is to loose if there is any tax on car imports to EU, that can be a big hit to UK manufacturing. - And banking. EU must have its banking center within EU borders. The most probable scenario is that there will be agreement on most things and life goes on as before. I think that it will cost Britain more than to the EU though, but it is not a catastrophe, only 1-3% difference in the yearly GDP change and in unemployment, on rainy days it is enough for a recession. Also I expect that HMS Prince of Wales will be sold, Britain does not need that, and there won't be enough money to fund it in the long run. ,

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