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  1. Thanks guys, it was in the readme to shut the mouse look off. i did and the problem is solved. thanks again, happy flying.
  2. Hello all, hope all is well. I have a bug with the first a10 training mission. While the tutorial is running, the text talks about the hsi and such, the view is in the lap of the pilot and i cannot see the guages being discribed in the text. i try to move the view with the mouse and keypad, but it doesn't change the view. anyopne else gettting this same problem? can it be resolved? thanks in advance :)
  3. Thanks for the post Jeff, I too wondered how such a complex sim didn't have a key card.
  4. Hi all, my first post on this forum. nice to be here. I am curious if ubisoft will make good on the missing key cards and ship one to the ppl. missing one if we request it. Yes, I did print out the pdf and all, but you have to admit, I (we) feel cheated. just my 2 cents. :)

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