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  1. Hi 7eleven, no they are for "Series 1". Stary did this for both versions as far as I know. Last week i downloaded the "air and ground packages" for WOV (Series 1) and "Green Hell 2" is included with this package...
  2. Hi guys, I have started this topic because of an an issue with WOV (already october 2008 updated) and Stary´s Green Hell 2 mod. I have recently downloaded and installed the "air & ground 1-3 + 2012 update" packages where this great looking mod is also included. The new planes, graphics and campaigns are great but there is one important thing which won´t work... I cannot see any trees or palms so Vietnam is very flat! Cities and other ground objects seem to be fine but the landscape still is boring without your palms and trees. I don´t know why... Running on a relatively old system with Win Vista 64 bit, Q6600 and GTX 460 1 GB. The game has no issues except the missing trees and palms... Do you have any clue? Thanks, Dennis

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