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  1. Thanks, jeanba! I will be ready to present the first version tomorrow, though it might require some polish, surprisingly USSR tries to go on the offensive very early despite low morale and supplies :)
  2. Yep, in my scenario USSR will draw Su-27 and MiG-31 regiments from PVO forces to the rescue, which can even the situation. I am thinking about land combat as there are very few nodes and ground units can't be stacked. If I knew how to mod the nodes I'd increase their number for a more realistic and interesting ground war, I converted US infantry divisions to use Bradleys and Soviet MRDs to BMP-2, leaving tanks only to tank divisions. That allows for not only anti-tank CAS, but also fighting with infantry-ish targets. I've already added on-map Czech units, leaving others as fighting on another front (to the south or against Poland):
  3. Thanks for detailed OOB. @Blade ! I will try to finish the initial part of the campaign in a couple of days (though it will still require NATO Fighters 5 for all its elements). At the moment it looks like NATO side is basically "easymode" since USSR has less planes and less capable avionics, while being the "shield" will be challenging, especially for the Eastern German part.
  4. Hello everyone, this is basically my first post on CombatAce. Even though I enjoyed a lot NATO Fighters 5 and its campaign, I couldn't notice some mistakes in Soviet OOBs. And what started as a small fix to a 1986 campaign grew into a new campaign, set in June 1989. Fearing harsh Soviet reaction to "Solidarity" party's rise to power in Poland, NATO decides to use Soviet moment of weakness and strike at almost cut out of supplies East German and Soviet troops, seeking to join with Polish troops. Unfortunately, due to forum limitations I can't upload the early version of campaign itself, but I'd like to ask for help with Czechoslovakia's Air Force OOB. If someone is interested in such a campaign or can help with useful info -- I will be glad to cooperate.

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