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  1. Afghan SA-7 site

    welp, time for another soviet-afghan war install!
  2. oh my lord, what a beauty! such skilled craftsmanship. cheers!
  3. img00003.JPG

    what kinda aircraft is that?
  4. Sukhoi Su-25 hit by missile make it back home

    idk if the pilot is skilled as hell (maybe even an old veteran) or just plain lucky.
  5. F-16 Ukrainian Air Force

    gonna spice up the black sea terrain with these beauties!
  6. give russian air forces some money so that they can catch up with their avionics technology for real
  7. Ghost of Kyiv

    i'm sorry but i simply just find it hard to believe a mig-29 shooting down a Su-35 unless the sukhoi pilot is short of a drooling imbecile.
  8. i think the kuznetsov does not appear until the 1990s. it will always me the kiev class carrier unless you edit kuznetsov's data.ini also you must make sure the map you are playing on is a naval map like Iceland NA
  9. oooohhhweee! this'll help greatly! many thanks!
  10. nah i was just wondering if there was any special technique veteran strike fighters use but if not, i might just switch back the hud haha!
  11. I'm doing a Pacific World War 2 install, and i kind of wanted to do it in the old school hard way (without HUDs). The instrument gauges are a bit problematic since some world war 2 cockpits have lower details in them so they are hard to spot but the even harder bit is actually locating the enemy aircraft since there are no search radars to compensate for the lack of HUDs. I always call the tactical air control center and ask then the location of nearby bandits every few dozen nautical miles but they just always give me the all-clear (even at the mission waypoint) so I try to manually locate enemies but still just spend minutes circling round and round without action. (having read a few books, i know this is actually quite realistic, world war 2 wise but meh ) I'm just curious how do you guys do it? am i missing something? please share some bits to me as I am a Sukhoi Flanker dude who's having way too much fun flying P-40s and Zeroes.
  12. did you just copy the specific thrust output or copy-pasted the whole data.ini engine section? just curious cuz i might be doing it wrong lol.
  13. must have something to do with the weight and aerodynamics of the aircraft as well. I've already messed around with the engines but still, the most I can do is Mach 1 flat. I still cannot fully replicate the "supercruise" of the Marcfighters Su-27 flight model, might snoop deeper into the aircraft data ini themselves hope I find something. [FlightControl] -------------------------(everything is modified from the original Su-35 configuration, trying to get that right "feel" of a true lethal air superiority fighter) StallSpeed=46.59 CruiseSpeed=290.0 ClimbSpeed=450.12 CornerSpeed=292.9 MaxG=9.0 MaxSpeedSL=487.05 MachLimit=2.30 MachLimitDry=1.28 PitchDamper=0.6 RollDamper=0.4 YawDamper=0.3
  14. yeah, I guess. funnily enough, the old marcfighters Su-27 flight model had a supercruise ability in it (already fixed in the later Su-27 upload). whenever I'd play NATO Fighters 5 1986 campaign on the Soviet side, I'd just leave the Flanker throttle at 50 something percent and I'd reach Mach 1.1 speeds it's crazy and hella overpowered. I guess I just had the idea to put the same and improved version of that on the Su-35 Found on the Modern Warfare campaigns package, maybe being able to hit Mach 1.2-3 at 50-60 percent throttle (which I'd reckon would be the closest to the real-life Su-35), but thanks for the answer anyways friend!
  15. how do I increase an aircraft's thrust and enable supercruise? I feel like the Su-35 included in the modern warfare mod packs is quite underwhelming. It is supposed to be the ultimate non-5th generation Russian fighter and I want to make it feel that way. To cause fear in me whenever I fly F-16s or any lesser allied fighters (I fly mostly Mirage 2000s, F-15Cs, and F-16Cs because, in my opinion, the F-22 is way too damn easy! lo). I sort of want to tweak the systems to make the Su-35 Flanker E somewhat better and give a better fighting chance against allied fighters, having managed to tweak the onboard radar to something powerful yet still balanced (just slightly below that of the top-of-the-line Western air superiority fighters.) now I'm having a problem with the engine. In my research, The Su-35 is supposed to have the supercruise ability, a crucial need for beyond visual range engagement, being able to close into radar lock range without expending much of the fuel reserve in case of dogfights, how do I do this? I have tweaked the engine, increased the thrust, modified the speeds (yet again, I take careful steps not to make the Su-35 overpowered, just enough to match that of the 4th+ gen enemy fighters) yet when I test-fly it, it seems that the gains are rather small and hardly noticeable. I'm not a modder and most of those changes are just done through blind luck and intuition, I need advice from actual modders here, thanks!

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