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  1. So, to avoid being that guy, I have figured out what my problem was. I use Sophos Home as my antivirus, and had added rule exceptions to the woff directory and also to the WOFF.exe & cfs3.exe However, neither of these to things appeared to do anything, nor did Sophos even report that it had blocked anything What did work however, was adding local exclusions, by opening the taskbar UI -> Help -> Troubleshooting -> Local Exclusions -> Add My guess is that there is some way in which the Anti Virus runs active scanning which interferes with WOFF, even if it's set to not block anything
  2. Thanks for the help! although unfortunately I'm still getting the same error. I've tried re-installing and running on a different drive with no AV enabled, and running as an administrator like it says in the guide, but still nothing. I'll contact support with the logs
  3. Hi, I have just purchased WOFF BH&H II, following all the instructions found in the help PDF, including installing direct x 9 using the file in the toolbox directory. However when I attempt to start a mission, I get an error appear in a messagebox: ------ EXCEPTION ------------- Patch ID 'rexDllNameString': data to be patched does not match ---------------------------------------- I then get another error message box appear from CFS3: ------ Combat Flight Simulator 3 --- Unable to check EULA. ----------------------------------------------------- I've searched around and I can't find anything related to this issue - in fact searching google for "rexDllNameString" reveals no results My anti-virus has not interfered with the installation or program itself. I am using Windows 10 64 bit Do you know of what might cause this issue, and what I might be able to fix it? Thanks

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