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  1. F-15 Car Quals?

    buttom line guys.... f15 isnt fit to land on carrier deck but it can right? though i dont think it will be used for it now that the army has hornets and other plains that can land on a deck (sorry for the errors im realy realy tierd)
  2. Damn its hard :E the leveling with the deck is extreamly hard alot of practice guys
  3. Guys what keys make the hook come down? thnx edit: Switch thnx man u dont know how much u helped me!! :D
  4. i saw that theard my prob is that there is no traning for su 33 nor there is any campigans for it... so how can i learn?
  5. Hi ;) i want to know please how do i get with and F15 on a carrier id like to start practicing takeoffs and landings plz help thnx

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