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  1. Yes, a little worth noting methinks, might give that a try.
  2. Hi yubba, Yes i like the Spits, Or Hurricane, which seems it will take a lot more punishment than the Spit, but i only use these in BOB campaigns, In Europe ot the Pacific, i use what ever the op calls for, depending on which side I'm on, (Except bombers,Don't do bombers) Korea, normaly the F-86 Sabre, which i find a bit sluggish against the Mig 15, I think if the Sabre didn't have the advantage of radar gun's it would lose. I've flown the Mig 15 and it way out turns the F-86., So really I would say I'm an all rounder. Les
  3. Hi yubba, No i have never flown online, For some reason i've never fancied doing it, but you never know, one day i may be putting bullets in your butt Or the other way round. Happy Flying my friend
  4. PPs. I live over the pond in the UK.
  5. yubba, I can run IL-2 1946 on my pc Win8.1/win10 with no problems at all, and with all the mods from SAS1946, which include WW1 1916, Spanish civil war 1936, WW2 1946, and Jet Age 1956... lot's of choice there. I don't know enough about PC to start messing around with partitioning, so I won't even go there PS. I don't have First Eagles 2, I can't afford to buy it either, oap state pension, which ain't a lot.
  6. Yes I have a PC System Maintenance Toolkit on my PC, and it runs daily. Hi yubba unfortunately the last time ran IL-2 COD was about two or maybe 3 years ago, had to get a new PC since then. so I think all is lost with this one. never mind there is plenty more out there, and I did manage to get First Eagles to run with the help of you guy's so all is not lost.
  7. Learn your callsign

    Sizzling Python here, (Umm.... that ain't bad)
  8. Hi Czech6, No joy with the Cloder fix, or the ATAG mod, installed as per instructions, Nothing has changed, still don't work. So now I have had enough. Not going to bother with it anymore, But thanks for your help and yubba.also.
  9. Cheers Czech6, I will give it all a try
  10. Microsoft VC Redist installs just fine, no problems at all as does Direct x, clicking the COD exe is where I seem to get the problem, it will start to load then nothing, just stops
  11. I just uninstalled the game and re-installed it and yes it appears that it did actually install the Direct x, still no joy, so tried the same as First Eagles but that didn't work either. so don't know what to do now.
  12. Done nothing to the OS apart from install First Eagles and the DX9,that you suggested young sir. as far as I know my direct X is up to date, but I think it's DX10 and DX11, the PC wont let me install DX9 with the two newer one's in there. so could I use the same DX9 I used in First Eagles, and put it into the root folder?
  13. Morning Guy's I don't know whats going on with my PC lately, but it seem that ever game I'm putting in dosen't want to work, now it's IL-2 COD, (worked fine in the past) after installing said game, the COD exe won't start the game, just nothing happens, Does anybody know how to fix this . OS win 8.1 / 10 (Microsoft free update)
  14. Sorry Guy's, I'm back again, Is their a wide screen fix for FE1? My monitor is a 1920 X 1080, 16.9. but I have to run the game on 1024 X 768, standard 4.3 or it won't shut down properly. I know that IL-2 1946 have one for their mod's, so I was just wondering if we had one as well.
  15. Thanks gterl. for all your help.

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