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    Exellent thank you!!!
  1. Top notch work as allways! Thank you.
  2. Childish mistake...I cannot thank you enough my friend!!! time for some merc skins
  3. Thank you all for your replies,i have already tryed both BMP and JPEG formats but to no avail.I believe the problem mut be in the structure of the aircraft folder . Im building a "customised" A4B for merc missions in "Burning Sands" campaign with "desert V4"mod.Watching after 20+ years the "Area 88"anime gave me the idea to "wear" my merc colors again .Ibelieve the problem as i already mentioned abone is in the aircaft ini. TextureSet.ini
  4. First of all thank you for your time and amazing work!!!As far as i can see your templates are top notch,but when i try to load them on the game the aircraft appears pitch black,only the fuel tanks seem to show correctly.Im sure im doing something wrong but i cat find whatcan you please help me out?
  5. Operation Odyssey Dawn Update

    Hello and thank you for this exellent mod...but it seems that all three zip files contain no sound folder for the aircraft.To cut the long talk short my airplanes are mute as far as the engine sounds ,can you please fix that i would be much obliged.Thanks in advance

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