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  1. Hello guys Well, I'm still a little broken but I'm going to try to do something to pass the time. Anyway, I do not know what to do. Do I continue the AMX or start another?
  2. I really will stay away from everything. The bike that was in the profile no longer exists. "But I'm still here." I'll make the file available to anyone who wants to use it except to use for payable. Not yet ready, missing many details and corrections with normals. http://www.mediafire.com/file/n7qb1w9s2w4bqwb/Amx Project.rar
  3. Hello everyone. In this life we do not choose our destiny. Unfortunately I suffered a very serious accident and am unable and recovering. I am sending the work to my friend Denis and he will continue. thank you all. I hope someday to be what I was before
  4. F-5a

    sophocles his work was perfect. How long did it take to get him to this stage?
  5. By researching a little bit about the aircraft I discovered that I was making a mistake in the air intake. By researching a little bit about the aircraft I discovered that I was making a mistake in the air intake Procurando um pouco a respeito do avião, descobri que estava fazendo uma nhaka no modelo... Old New The most difficult thing for me is not to do something from scratch, it's to clean up what's already done. It took me all day to fix this mesh Para mim o mais dificil não é começar do zero alguma coisa, é arrumar uma malha já pronta. Levei o dia todo pra arrumar isso aí.
  6. Valeu aew pessoal, não sabia que teria um retorno positivo porque está ainda bem no começo... Mas vamos que vamos... Thanks guys, I did not know that I would have a positive return because it's still in the beginning ... But let's go...
  7. F-5a

    Amazing, realy artwork
  8. Hello everyone I started working on a project a week ago.

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