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  1. Man! That's fantastic news! I'm getting a vibe that TK is falling in love with Strike Fighters PC again!
  2. I guess one does wonder why he han't gone down that route.. anyone care to speculate as to why not?
  3. That was very helpful Russ, thanks!!
  4. Spot on brother! I couldn't have said it better..
  5. Come on guuruu, it's both! Aren't you tired of the old dx7shaders, and working on Max9.. (I know I am LOL!) Have faith, one update will eventually lead to others!
  6. We all love the SF series and I think we can all make this work .. I'm sure TK's heart is in it; and that can only be a good thing! For what it's worth, I've chimed in and hope we can reach the goal! Cheers
  7. The F-5a can only carry 2 sidewinders on its wingtip rails; unlike the F-5E which I've noticed some countries have updated to carry four (Brazil and others..)
  8. Air to air is included in the loadouts, but the F-5a doesn't pack the punch of air-superiority fighters; it fights with its cannon and a couple of sidewinders. Yes, the plan is to include some type of paint-kit. Cheers .. back to work..
  9. Thankyou gentlemen. Gerwin and Blade, you have been most helpful!!! Cheers!!
  10. Thanks for your prompt reply, but I'm not quite sure what you mean about moving the RGB and Alpha channel in the right way? and why would they need to be re-alligned??
  11. Hello All, I'd like to make some damage textures from scratch, could someone walk me through the creation process? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hopefully before summer's out.. I'm determined to get this to you guys.
  13. ...and some ravenclaw_007 goodness!!
  14. Totally agree; the aircraft set as DLC would sell like mad! .. at least I'd buy them all!

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