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  1. That's friggin weird! Have you checked the materials in max? .. maybe some non-supported material? (opacity settings?) .. shadow geometry??
  2. I can't say I'd ever wished to fly the C-47, but this was too good to pass up! Great job Russ!! What I found very cool was the cockpit view using the F2 .. scrolling around left and right while flying actually made me feel like I was airborne!
  3. Will have .. I' currently modelling the Mk.7 BRQ-7 (probably more accurate would be the IRQ-7.. then comes the 10 (and yes; it was used on the Tornado!!) That will make it 3 different types of ejection seat!
  4. I wish.. ..unfortunately only a small fraction of that time was spent on the model; the remainder of the time was taken up by my trying to survive this10-year long financial crisis!! Fret not; once I've finished the Mk7 and Mk10 ejection seats required by some of the Greek F-5a(s), it will be released! Regards, Sophocles
  5. and some South East Asia 3-tone schemes.. (more like 5-tones!!)
  6. Well yes it is.. anyone up to doing some Spanish skins?
  7. Spot on! The Norwegian F-5a s principally sported the doped aluminum colour scheme, but the aircraft themselves were quite distinct, featuring an arrestor hook and canopy anti-rain apparatus.. not to mention a completely different cockpit! The Norwegian F-5a will probably be released after this sees the light of day!
  8. Maybe, but this is only the standard F-5a model (completely different to the Netherlands NF-5a or the Norwegian F-5a which will be released progressively after this one). I'd much prefer to get the dedicated models and their cockpits out there before I release a paint-kit). On the other hand, If someone is willing to tackle the skins for a multitide of other operators (Spain, Iran, Jordan, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey.. using the standard F-5a or RF-5a models, I'll happily oblige!
  9. NATO Weapons meet, Larrissa, Greece 1972..
  10. We're nearly there gentlemen.. I'll try to put a small update log together later this week.. so much terrific work has been done by the team! Baffmeister has been brilliant; putting the final touches on his F-5a flight model, Crusader has been responsible for much of the avionics work ..(more on that later!) and ofcourse, RavenClaw; who has made the RF-5a model possible (which I have to admit I'd failed on numerous attempts!) Currently been focused on completing the textures on the first release pack which will feature Hellenic Air Force liveries from the 60s to the 90s.. pretty close, I think.. and 1 more.. Regards, Sophocles
  11. This would be a Godsend.. There's a lot of pain in the poly-reduction process.. but unavoidable at present If you want to enjoy reasonable frame-rates in the game.. it took me months to scale back the cockpit in the F-5a..
  12. The Reece version .. thanks to ravenclaw_007!!
  13. Whoah!! where did that come from?? Who's doing this?? .. mandatory screenshot..
  14. Panavia Tornado (German Navy)

    Beautiful, detailed model and cockpit; meticulous attention to detail .. and super immersive on strike and interdiction missions!! Congratulations man!!!

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