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  1. This just came to me .. have you tried exporting both "with/without decals" to see If it helps because I suspect that without decals option doesn't tesselate polygons (which may impact the exporter's management of normals.
  2. Spitfire Mk12

    Fantastic! We can never have too many spitfires!!
  3. Hello Volker, here's a couple of suggestions: Have you checked that you have the same smoothing group on both sides of the seam? You've probably already checked; but is the seam properly welded?
  4. Yes; this is the main concern; I guess it's doable but it'll take a lot of work. I wish we'd known about this earlier cause it has the potential to really make the cockpits look more dynamic. Great find @muhammad !
  5. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.
  6. Real life problem

    My condolences brother, ..
  7. Su-35SK2 with Chinese Weapons

    Superb package! Congratulations to all involved
  8. TW F-105D Repacked

    Outstanding package! Detailed and thorough!! Excellent work!!
  9. Some more @paulopanz goodness! Sorry, couldn;t resist
  10. Compliments of @paulopanz .. a true artist!!!!
  11. it's on hold till I finish the Norwegian R/F-5a variants.
  12. I refuse to believe that this was a scam/money grab .. maybe I'm naive, but I truly think that he was serious about the update. I know he didn't raise what he expected, and this is the result .. I guess I'd better resign myself to the fact that SF2 will remain as is .. it's a crying shame though because this game is so bloody cool!
  13. Unfortunately, I have to agree. I suppose we were all pinning our hopes on the release of the windows 10 update; but this has not materialized and I've given up hope that it ever will. If something miraculous happens and we see an update then maybe all the work we modders put into the game will have some purpose .. but as it stands, I have to concede that we modders are working inordinate numbers of hours to please only ourselves, each other, and the handful of users left. I wish TK would read these forums and at least give us a clear idea of what to (or not to) expect.
  14. Mirage F1EQ-5

    Bloody marvelous! Congratulations on a thoroughly detailed and researched model!

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