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  1. Ofcourse dtmdragon, I'm not refering to the pilot's perspective but to viewing the ejection from an external view as in the pics of the av-8b and the F-5 further up in the thread.
  2. J-5 pack

    Paulopanz, which scenery is this? .. gorgeous backdrop to a gorgeous skin!!
  3. Yeah guys I know it's hillarious .. and sometimes we (I at least ) take this hobby way too seriously .. I'd really like someone to confirm that this is the case for stock aircraft and for those that have seats added as separate LODs. Thanks fellas.. You're the best!!
  4. Darn it! I knew I missed something ... Seriously though, it appears that only by incorporating the seat as part of the main LOD and using either yakarov79's or dtmdragon's methods, can we get the seat to appear during the ejection sequence. With the seat as a separate LOD, all I've seen so far by experimenting in-game is that the seat disappears from the main model ie. it's not visible in the aircraft after ejection. In all cases however the pilot disappears completely.. Can someone confirm that this is the case please? Thanks
  5. Brilliant dtmdragon!! The seat not only ejects but also separates from the canopy!! Much appreciated!!!! What a community!!
  6. The F-5a had the standard Northrop seat Russ, with some countries including Greece substituting them for MB Mk10s Thanks for your help!
  7. Thanks guuruu, this looks lke a solution..
  8. Hello all! I've been ini dancing for hours trying to see If I could get the seat on my F-5a (which is not a separate LOD but part of the main model) to function in game .. meaning to separate from the aircraft after ejection.. I'd really like not to have to make a separate seat model LOD; does anyone know If it can be done? PS: It an be achieved easily with weapon stations, FTs etc.. but the entries in the aicraft data for the seat don't really provide for a node call .. I added one but it doesn't work.. [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT Position=0.0,3.10,0.9 PilotModelName=HGU26AW.lod SeatModelName=F-5a_Seat ModelNodeName=seat_frame ..............this doesn't work SeatPosition=0.00,1.6,0.33 MinExtentPosition=-0.25,2.86,-0.22 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25,3.87, 1.00 CanopyNodeName=Canopy_Main Any help would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Sophocles
  9. J-5 pack

    Extensive and thorough compilation; my gratitude ..only in Strike Fighters ..
  10. Man, that's just heart breaking.. hope you get it back.
  11. Absolutely outstanding Wojtek! Just took her for a bombing run, the sounds (comms and music!!), effects, and warnings make the experience very immersive! (seriously .. it's quite cinematic!) Excellent work to all involved!
  12. I can appreciate that brother, having to sort out and correct the deficiencies in unrefined mesh is just as hard and time-consuming as working from scratch! Moreover, what most don't realise is that the modelling part is the easy part(!) .. getting the model into the game is most of the work!! Good luck!! I'm very much looking forward to flying this beauty when she's ready!
  13. Truly gorgeous Sundowner, love what you've done with the front canopy area.. must've been a bit tricky!!

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