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  1. Gentlemen, the NF-5A Volume is nearing completion. The cockpit has received a complete overhaul- this time all consoles, and not just the main instrument panel, reflect the NF-5A as in use by the RNLAF. Ravenclaw007, Crusader, and Baffmeister have all workd hard to bring this aircraft to its current state; and Soulfreak has contributed some outstanding f-16 Camo schemes (who knows there may be more..) Last but not least, Cliff7600 and Logan4 have also contributed their skills to the aircraft's avionics. Two weeks to release.. maybe a little less
  2. We're having fun now! Ravenclaw_007 updated the loadouts and she's now outfitted with LGBs..
  3. That makes perfect sense, thanks again Cliff!
  4. Me too .. Thanks Cliff, It works now, it's just odd that the cabin temperature increases the higher up you go, no?
  5. I've added these entries Cliff but the dial remains at 40 degrees throughout the whole flight; is it supposed to move?
  6. Thankyou very much Ciff7600! I'll add it to the cockpit ini now.
  7. You mean like this..?
  8. Gentlemen, the Royal Netherlands Air Force NF-5a version is on track for release later this summer. I'm so happy to get the team back to bring this project to completion. As always, Ravenclaw_007 is the God Father of the project providing his beautiful new weapons, absolutely insanely detailed dedicated drop tanks, and a multitude of improvements to the external model over the years. Baffmeister, the flight model gurru is back to deliver his take on the flight model, Crusader is back to do the avionics for the RGS2 computer leading gunsight, and Soulfreak has joined the team to do some extra skins and refine some of the existing textures .. and last but not least Guuruu's fabulous effects and sounds will return.. I couldn't be more thankful for the talents these gentlemen have contributed to the project!
  9. Royal Netherlands Airforce NF-5a is coming along nicely .. dedicated cockpit too! (PS serials are place holders atm)
  10. Hellenic Air Force F-5A Volume I

    No, sorry.. real life has been keeping me really busy lately. :)
  11. Gloster Javelin FAW9/9R

    Absolutely stellar effort!!!! Cleanly modelled, and the textures are great!! Congratulations mate!!!
  12. very Thank´s for your work


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