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  1. Hellenic Air Force F-5A Volume I

    I'll see what I can do.
  2. Your tutorial about Remove light\ dark edges between meshes like gear doors etc was a godsend; I've finally got the shading right on the engine doors of the NF-5a!! Excellent find!!! Before .. ugly as F**** After the edit normals modifier "Now you see them .." Now you don't..
  3. Hellenic Air Force F-5A Volume I

    Probably, but i don't think that this scheme was ever adopted operationally .. could be wrong though
  4. As Guuruu told me when the model was compiled .. "No matter how many times you check, you're going to forget/overlook something.." wise words my friend!!
  5. This is also very, very true but someone's already taken great pains to model one (that's all I'm saying for now) The entire SF2 community and its generosity over the years provided me (and I'm sure everyone else involved) with the motivation to "give" something back. This obviously cannot be sustained indefinitely, but until TK provides us with a more modern platform that exploits current hardware and software, and consequently sees an overwhelming increase in the player base, I see little point in considering any type of payware offerings. Should TK surprise us with some real improvements, then anything is possible! Who knows? myself (and obviously others) may find ourselves in a position to take advantage of your patronage!
  6. As would I, and I would love the Turkish Strike Fighters 2 enthusiasts to flood me with offers to do them!! I'll offer all the help that is needed; I just don't have the time to do all the F-5A user nations, schemes, decals etc. Sophocles
  7. In the "user manual" provided with the package it states.... in the "Pilot's Notes" section that .. NOTE: The F-5A uses full flaps for take off but due to a game bug you must manually select full flaps for take off when player flown. The AI will use full flaps although you can hear the flap sound cycling between flap 1 and flap 2. IN RL, the F-5A had 3 positions for flaps (as seen in the virtual cockpit); UP(zero deflection), LE (leading edge flaps only at 24 degrees deflection) and FULL. For take-off, flaps were set in the FULL position (meaning leading edge flap deflection of 24 degrees and trailing edge flap deflection of 20 degrees), while during landing, the flaps were set to LE (meaning leading edge extension only)initially and then to FULL for the final approach.
  8. Hello Streakeagle, many of your questions are answered in this thead.. https://combatace.com/forums/topic/72287-f-5a/?page=21 Though your comment regarding "the texturing and minor FM/model edits" not being hard or time-consuming as the previous effort are definitely true for some versions of the F-5A, the NF-5A, for example, has enough differences to the standard "A" variant to almost warrant a different designation! Besides, the real challenge is to include the differing cockpit configurations for these versions - which is no easy task! The "E" is a different animal entirely. Though I'm not excluding the possibility of modelling one, the planned variants to follow are the NF-5a, the F-5C "skoshi Tiger" ,the Norwegian F-5a and ofcourse the 2-seater F-5B.
  9. Thanks Russ; it really was a group effort - If it hadn't been for the guys, the project would have died years ago!
  10. A dedicated USAF A AND C are planned (much of the model has already been done for the F-5C), but they'll come after the European releases; GodWilling! As for the Taiwan aircraft; If someone would like to do a couple of skins or so, then I'm here to help.
  11. I'n not planning on a Turkish skin anytime soon, but If someone would like to do a few, I'll be sure to offer them templates!
  12. These schemes (among others) are planned for Volume II, which will include EX-Norwegian and Netherlands machines.
  13. Burner effects and sounds thanks to Guuruu!
  14. Gentlemen, it's been a labour of love! Just uploaded.. Hellenic Air Force F-5A Freedom Fighter Volume I It may be a while till it's ready for download so here's the "user manual" included in the pack, and a nice GIF file showing off the gunsight functionality. My sincerest gratitude to all involved (full credits in the manual). F-5a_HAF_Manual.pdf
  15. View File Hellenic Air Force F-5A Volume I July 2020 =============== Hellenic Air Force F-5A Freedom Fighter Volume I VERSION 1.0 ------------------------------------------------------------ F-5A variants included in the Package: HAF F-5A standard version (1965 - 1974) HAF F-5A with Martin Baker IRQ-7a ejection seat (1975 - 1999) HAF Rf-5A reconnaissance variant with 4 K-92a cameras We are proud to present the F-5A HAF Volume I, the first of many to come, focusing on one of the most enduring American military aircraft designs ever produced during the Cold War period. This first Volume depicts the following Hellenic Air Force variants; the HAF F-5A standard, the HAF F-5A with the Martin Baker IRQ-7a ejection seat, and the HAF RF-5A reconnaissance variant. It has been our goal to provide to the simmer a highly detailed model and texture base which preserve the beautiful lines of this aircraft; and to engineer flight files and a cockpit/gauge file-set that are authentic and add to the immersion of the flying experience within the Strike Fighters 2 series. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: -------------------------- 1. Copy the contents of the "To Mods Folder(S)" to your SF2 Mod directory. Allow directory merging and overwrites, provided the overwrites pertain to "fake pilot" entries, as well as weapons made by ravenclaw_007, which are included in this and many other releases. 2. Add the entries of "ADD_TO_SOUNDLIST.txt" to your SOUNDLIST.INI (located in the "user\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2\Flight" folder).If one does not exist, then you will need to extract it using the 3rdWire CAT extract utility. You are simply required to substitute the "XXX"s with the next sequential number in the sound file section of the file. NOTE 1: ------------ Both Regular and Higher resolution cockpit textures are included in their own distinct folders in the package. The user may alternate between the two by "commenting out" the relevant line in the F-5A_STANDARD_COCKPIT.ini [CockpitData] //Directory=cockpit Directory=cockpit_Lo-Fi <---This is the default In order to "activate" the higher resolution textures you would decomment the previous line and comment out the next line, thus: [CockpitData] Directory=cockpit <---This is now Hi-Res //Directory=cockpit_Lo-Fi NOTE 2: ------------ Another frame-rate friendly option for those with older hardware is to use the Next level of Detail Model as the primary external model. This simply involves changing the first line in the F-5A_HAF.ini from this.. [LOD001] Filename=F-5A_STANDARD.LOD to this.. [LOD001] Filename=F-5A_STANDARD_002.LOD Much effort was made to provide those with lower end systems an alternative lower poly-model to be able to enjoy the F-5a, so please take advantage of this _002.LOD model should you experience frame-rate issues. While not as "rounded" as the Higher poly version, it is nonetheless just as detailed and extensive. NOTE 3: ------------ For those who may find loading times excessive, the .jpg files in the texture folders can be reduced to 50% of their size without sacrificing too much surface detail. Keys: ------- SHIFT+0 -> canopy open CREDITS: sophocles - 3D Model, Cockpit, textures ravenclaw_007 - 3D Modeling, Animations, Weapons,textures baffmeister - Flight model, testing crusader - Avionics and data tweaks, Beta testing Guuruu - Sounds and Afterburner effects, Beta testing Guest contributors: Alfa2 - Loadouts and a wealth of info on the HAF variants. gkabs - pilot figure Special Thanks to the staff and members of Combatace.com whose passion and efforts have enabled this game to endure, and to provide so much fun and excitement! Additionally, many thanks to the following Combat-Ace Modders, who either actively contributed to the project over the years, or who invested their time either providing much needed hints and help, or researching various aspects of the model. Brain-32 - Modeling advice, initial cockpit.cfg + more NeverEnough - Initial work on the Flight model Russouk2004 - Always answering questions when I needed help..Cheers!! Dag - RoNAF textures and research (to be included in a dedicated future RoNAF F-5a module) Derk - Many, many references!!! Blade - Excellent mini-tutorial on damage textures Finally, thanks to TK and Thirdwire for creating such a fantastic game. **************************************************************** FEATURES: * Three model set including the HAF F-5A standard version (1965 - 1974), the HAF F-5A with Martin Baker IRQ-7a ejection seat (1975 - 1999), and the HAF RF-5A reconnaissance variant with 4 K-92a cameras; each with their own custom loadouts. * Three, highly detailed external 3d models, including the RF-5A, whose nose was graciously modeled by ravenclaw_007. * Specular color and Normal (bump) maps on all models * Seven Level of Detail models (LODs) for each model, providing an almost seamless transition from distance to distance; and perhaps more importantly, ensuring that the frame-rate "impact" of the aircraft is as low as possible. * Two sets of highly detailed external Fuel Tanks by ravenclaw_007; both the Factory variety and the Sargent Fletcher variants. * Fine-tuned flight parameters in three distinct aircraft data configuration files for all 3-D models, emphasizing the F-5A's agile and highly maneuverable characteristics - courtesy of Baffmeister. * 8 high resolution texture sets; thoroughly researched historic depictions of the Aircraft fielded by many HAF Wings and Squadrons. * Quality sound-set included. Base sounds, by Guuruu, were sourced from existing recordings of various aircraft at air-shows and were modified to match the prominent characteristics of the F-5A General Electric turbojets, the "buzz" of the M39 Pontiac 20mm machinegun, and the flap/Air-brake, undercarriage deployment and retraction sequences of the Freedom Fighter. * Super detailed 'Virtual Cockpit' with animated throttle control, rudder pedals, control stick, landing gear lever, canopy, canopy lever, drag-chute lever, weapons selectors and weapon station arming flick switches. *Accurate and functional representation of the Norair F-5A gun sight, with animated Mils selector and accompanying animated combining glass. (Mechanics by Crusader) * A full complement of highly (or should I say "insanely" detailed HAF weapons carried by the HAF F-5A, all by ravenclaw_007. * Complex animation of canopy opening mechanism, and animated Turbine blades; both thanks to ravenclaw_007 * GKAB's superb highly detailed crew figure with authentically modeled oxygen mask and flight helmet. * All new afterburner, emitter, and engine smoke effects by Guuruu. ****************************************************** PILOT NOTES ----------- F-5A Limit and Reference Speeds. [Indicated Airspeeds] FLAPS: 300kts for both leading and trailing edge. NOTE: The F-5A uses full flaps for take off but due to a game bug you must manually select full flaps for take off when player flown. The AI will use full flaps although you can hear the flap sound cycling between flap 1 and flap 2. LANDING GEAR: 240kts DRAG CHUTE: 165kts CANOPY: 50kts NOSE WHEEL STEERING: 65kts MAXIMUM INDICATED AIRSPEED: 710kts [redline] MAXIMUM MACH: 1.72 Mach design limit but thrust/drag limited to about mach 1.50 in a 60deg dive from 50,000ft. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TAKE OFF ROTATION SPEEDS 13500lbs: 155kts [full internal fuel and two sidewinders] 20500lbs: 195kts [about the maximum weight possible with included stores] NOTE: Use full flaps for take off! Adding 6kts for every 1000lbs above 13500lbs should give good aft stick/rotation speeds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CLIMB SPEEDS Military Power 13500lbs: 375kts with a transition to mach 0.89 20500lbs: 310kts with a transition to mach 0.74 Maximum Power 13500lbs: 595kts with a transition to mach 0.93 20500lbs: 480kts with a transition to mach 0.85 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINAL APPROACH SPEEDS With 500lbs fuel remaining and some empty racks use 160kts. Add 5kts for every additional 500lbs of fuel. NOTE: Target touch down speed is 20kts less than final approach speed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ************************************************************* THIS AIRCRAFT MOD OR ANY PART OF IT ARE TO BE EXCLUSIVELY HOSTED BY COMBATACE.COM AND MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE. THIS PACKAGE AND ANY PARTS HEREIN MAY NOT BE UPLOADED AS PART OF ANOTHER MOD NOR MUST THEY BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE EITHER IN PART OR AS A WHOLE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION. ************************************************************* Sophocles July 2020 Submitter sophocles Submitted 07/16/2020 Category F-5  

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