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  1. Hello, Looks fantastic! Could we see a cockpit shot at that resolution? Thanks!
  2. It's now back online.. just got me DLC 29
  3. Thanks for the links Jeanba, I'll search and see what I find.
  4. You're absolutely right Nyghtfall - outboard pylons only for ordinance. Thanks for the reply :)
  5. Sorry people, silly question time .. Does anyone know for sure If the 275 gallon droptanks on the Dutch NF-5a were carried on the inner or outer wing pylons? (or both?) Thanks, I wouldn't want to make such a foolish mistake as putting the tanks on the wrong pylons....
  6. You're right Wrench, your approach is definitely easier and more straightforward, but the idea behind using the modeled dispensers as weapons was to have the option of not carrying them (and therefore not having them show up on the model when not selected. Unfortunately I'm still having a few problems so I may do it your way. Thanks for your time :)
  7. Yakarov79 I could kiss you!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was it!!!!! I didn't have the systemName entries .. everything now works!!!!!
  8. Darn it! RavenClaw's let the cat out of the bag! It was going to be a surprise! Seriously though Guys, without Volker's help the project would still be in limbo, now it's going to see the light of day for sure! Hopefully before the summer is out.
  9. I've tried your entries, no luck .. I'm not getting any references in the game to any weapon stations after StationGroupID=5 :( BTW what is SpecificStationCode= supposed to refer to exactly? Also, in your entry above, how did you arrive at [L-CMDS] as opposed to [Dispenser pod 1], which I'm using?
  10. I tried using modelNodeName as well, but I still can't get the chaff/flares to show up as options (weapon stations in the loudout screen in the game
  11. Yakarov 79, thanks for your time :) Here are the data entries for the dispensers.. [WeaponData001] TypeName=F5a_Chaff FullName=F5a_Chaff ModelName=F5a_Chaff ModelNodeName=Dispenser_R Mass=25.000000 Diameter=0.300000 Length=0.500000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.200000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.770000 AttachmentType=NATO SpecificStationCode=Chaff NationName=NETHERLANDS StartYear=1970 EndYear=2020 Availability=3 BaseQuantity=2 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1970 ExportEndYear=2020 ExportAvailability=3 WeaponDataType=4 StoreType=2 NumChaff=30 NumFlare=0 EjectPosition=0.000000,-0.800000,0.000000 EjectVelocity=0.000000,-10.000000,0.000000 and for the Flares .. [WeaponData001] TypeName=F5a_Flare FullName=F5a_Flare ModelName=F5a_Flare ModelNodeName=Dispenser_L Mass=25.000000 Diameter=0.300000 Length=0.500000 SubsonicDragCoeff=0.200000 SupersonicDragCoeff=0.770000 AttachmentType=NATO SpecificStationCode=Flare NationName=NETHERLANDS StartYear=1970 EndYear=2020 Availability=3 BaseQuantity=2 Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1970 ExportEndYear=2020 ExportAvailability=3 WeaponDataType=4 StoreType=2 NumChaff=0 NumFlare=15 EjectPosition=0.000000,-0.800000,0.000000 EjectVelocity=0.000000,-10.000000,0.000000 And here are the dispensers on the model ..
  12. Thanks for the reply, from what I can see, the Phimat chaff dispenser on the Mirage is a separate model. I'd be looking for data entries for one that is incorporated into the aircraft model .. sigh! It's these little things that cause so much trouble!!!
  13. These were F-5c transferred to the VNAF right? Sure!
  14. Guys I'm stuck, I'm trying to figure out the data entries for the chaff/flare dispensers on the NF-5a. The physical dispensers are built into the model (as are the fuel tanks - no problems with those thank God!!) and I've set up them up in their own little weapon folders; the problem is finding the correct entries for them in the weapon stations part of the data file. Here's what i've got - which is not working .. [Dispenser pod 1] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=8 StationGroupID=5 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=0.56,-4.4,0.58 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,-40.0 LoadLimit=100 AllowedWeaponClass=EP AttachmentType=NATO SpecificStationCode=Flare ModelName= ModelNodeName= PylonMass= PylonDragArea= ExternalPodName=F5a_Flare ExternalPodNodeName=Dispenser_L [Dispenser pod 2] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=9 StationGroupID=6 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=-0.75,-4.4,0.35 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,220.0 LoadLimit=100 AllowedWeaponClass=EP AttachmentType=NATO SpecificStationCode=Chaff ModelName= ModelNodeName= PylonMass= PylonDragArea= ExternalPodName=F5a_Chaff ExternalPodNodeName=Dispenser_R Any help would be greatly appreciated

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