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  1. Greece Terrain

  2. This is the information I need .. thanks a lot Happy 308!!!!
  3. Absolutely wondrous Happy308!!!!! Would love some feedback from the guys who actually flew this beautiful plane!! Dag, you've been as instrumental in getting this far as anyone .. thankyou Sir for your detailed texture work and keen eye for detail!! It's in the works Stratos!
  4. Thanks Craig, that's definitely a start!
  5. I wonder If any of our Dutch friends could tell me if this is some type of RWR?? I'd really like some more information .. oh, and ofcourse on the moving map deisplay on the left (which is covered in a nice sheet of aluminum:(
  6. Hello Coupi! Nice of you to ask. I've got back into working on her again and have 99% completed the NF-5a version with the hook,F-5E style nose-gear and side louver panels, bottom fuselage air-scoops,chaff/flare dispensers. NeverEnough is doing wonders with the Flight model too! So far i've completed the standard export F-5a, the Norwegian air-force variant (with 2 different cockpits!!) and the aforementioned NF-5a .. I still hope to make the cockpit of the NF-5a and to make an Rf-5a variant. .. still plenty to do!! Oh! and I've finally constructed and animated the canopy opening mechanism which because of the brain-strain, has probably shaved a few days off my life
  7. impeccable!!!!!!!! incredible attention to detail! (I'd tone down the horizontal streaks across the metal textures though..
  8. Velo, your model looks superb .. clean and efficient use of polys!!
  9. Velo, from the exporter notes again .. "set either in the INI file or using Specular Level checkbox, to reduce the amount of specular at each texture position" I think that the game has 2 ways of reading specular level; either by checking and adding entries (not the map itself) to the "Specular Level" in MAX, which is what I assume RussoUK does, or by using entries such as the following in the TextureSet.ini in the texture folder .. [TextureSet] Name=341 ARROW 1968 Nation=Greece Squadron=341 ARROW StartDefaultDate=1966 Specular=1.000000 Glossiness=0.900000 Reflection=1.000000 Here is a copy of the thirdwire export notes .. Exporter Notes Addendum.txt
  10. Guys this is from the exporter notes .. Specular Map ------------ To add Specular Map, check the box next to "Specular Color" in Maps, select "Bitmap" as Map type, and then select the texture map you want. Only the texture map name is exported, and none of the other Bitmap parameters are used. The Specular color map (can be any format including .jpg and .bmp) is multiplied with the regular specular setting, set either in the INI file or using Specular Level checkbox, to reduce the amount of specular at each texture position. So white color (255,255,255) has specular as usual, any other color reduces the specular at that pixel, down to no specular with black (0,0,0). The R, B, G amount can be adjusted to shift the specular color as well, so red (255,0,0) pixel will have a red specular, etc. Specular maps are applied per TextureSet basis, and should be included in each of the texture folder. Specular Map only works when running the game in DX10 mode. Personally, the above settings work for me. I've never tried anything different from the above so I wouldn't know If anything else works equally as well.. Cheers
  11. The only other thing I can think of is that specular textures should be placed together with the diffuse textures in the aircraft's texture folder, unlike the bump map, which should be placed in the aircraft folder together (and NOT in the texture folder). I've also just realized that im my settings, the "tile" boxes in the coordinates section are unchecked.

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