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  1. That was breath-taking! Do the graphics really look that good in the game?
  2. The British and "Big" birds ...

    They're starting to grow on me .. I've got to say one thing though; In which other game other than the Strike Fighters series (with the serious contributions of the modding community) can you get to fly such a variety of birds? I'm feeling pretty grateful!!
  3. The British and "Big" birds ...

    Why were English designers in the 60s so enamored by impregnated looking aircraft? Just googling aircraft; spotted these and couldn't resist the thought . .
  4. I'll try her out; she's currently using he F-8 sound.
  5. Hello all!! Thanks for your concern and interest. Like Ravenclaw stated earlier, he got into contact with me, and God bless him, he has graciously offered to help; so we are going to make a concerted effort to get a couple of versions out there for you as soon as possible. Thanks again for your support!
  6. Greece Terrain

  7. This is the information I need .. thanks a lot Happy 308!!!!
  8. Absolutely wondrous Happy308!!!!! Would love some feedback from the guys who actually flew this beautiful plane!! Dag, you've been as instrumental in getting this far as anyone .. thankyou Sir for your detailed texture work and keen eye for detail!! It's in the works Stratos!
  9. Thanks Craig, that's definitely a start!
  10. I wonder If any of our Dutch friends could tell me if this is some type of RWR?? I'd really like some more information .. oh, and ofcourse on the moving map deisplay on the left (which is covered in a nice sheet of aluminum:(
  11. Hello Coupi! Nice of you to ask. I've got back into working on her again and have 99% completed the NF-5a version with the hook,F-5E style nose-gear and side louver panels, bottom fuselage air-scoops,chaff/flare dispensers. NeverEnough is doing wonders with the Flight model too! So far i've completed the standard export F-5a, the Norwegian air-force variant (with 2 different cockpits!!) and the aforementioned NF-5a .. I still hope to make the cockpit of the NF-5a and to make an Rf-5a variant. .. still plenty to do!! Oh! and I've finally constructed and animated the canopy opening mechanism which because of the brain-strain, has probably shaved a few days off my life

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