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  1. I have no idea; anyone know?? The caption for the photo says "..and a friendly "zap" bulldog from a Marine attack squadron adorn the F-5 flown by Challen "Choni" Irvine.." What is meant by the word "zap"?
  2. That's interesting; would the pylons retain their regular pylon abilities (carrying ordnance)? I'd really need some more details dtmdragon; could you provide some of the code that would make this possible? Thanks much!!
  3. Actually Nyghtfall you're quite right! VMA Bulldogs was 223 .. looks like there's some editing to be done in someone's future..
  4. Hello Gentlemen, I've been having fun researching the Skoshi Tiger programme and have tracked down most of the pilots in the "provisional" 4503rd Tactical Fighter Squadron- and have assigned their names as decals on the aircraft.. and have also added decals for some "outliers" including this particular aircraft which "borrowed" nose art from a marines Skyhawk aquadron! Not long to go now; would've been great to add a little more authentic capability to the F-5C, like the ability to jettison all weapon pylons; but this just isn't possible in game. I've got the documentation left to do now and it should be ready soon ..
  5. ..and the VNAF represented too .. 522nd Fighter Squadron 1967..
  6. Hopefully I can find time to finish these off by the end of summer..
  7. Mirage 2000-5F 4K Skins Pack

    Love the attention to detail. The stenciling alone is insane! Crystal clear!
  8. I second this wholeheartedly .. shadows in the cockpit would be a dream come true!!! Glad to see you posting again Stary
    Absolutely brilliant crisp details!! (..and I thought I was a rivet counter ! Kudos on the research needed for such details and stencils!!!
  9. I just received this gem from ravenclaw_007 .. " ..about the replaced displacement gyros in the F-5C , it does not mean that the ADI in the cockpit was replaced it is just the gyros in the avionics bay ( a black box ) what makes me more curious is what extra formation lights where added to the aircraft and are this lights now standard to all F-5A i know from experience by starting up my CH-53 that sometimes the ADI does not come up and is hanging to a side , that does not mean that the instrument is broken it is more likely that the displacement gyro in the avionics bay is hanging and has to be replaced , happens some time.." the mystery deepens! LOL
  10. Hello Streakeagle. I had read the post some time ago. The photo is of the CF-5a cockpit (which is a wildly different animal). Although it is true that many of the reccomendations of the Skoshi program were implemented into the NF-5a(and CF-5a), no evidence exists that the cockpit of the F-5A and C differed. The only difference is the twin gyro (which may or may not have necessitated different instruments in the cockpit. The answer to this question would be key to solving the issue.
  11. Unfortunately, though repeated in many sources, this piece of information is actually false. the F-5 didn't get a lead computing gunsight till the F-5E model (though the NF-5a and the CF-5a had quite complex gyro/not radar based lead computing capability) everything else however is accurate. (see below)
  12. Hello all. Work is being completed on the F-5C external model and textures, but I really need some clarification on certain elements of the cockpit in this "C" model. I've yet to find any pictures/photographs on the net or in any of the F-5 books and publications that I have, depicting what the cockpit looked like. I know that the "C" avionics were essentially the same as the "A" except for the gyro (read the info above). Would anyone know If the use of the two-gyro platform mentioned in the text would necessitate a change in the attitude and direction gauges in the cockpit (from the "A")? I know it's a stretch, but someone may know. Thanks fellas! Sophocles

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