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  1. Excellent high fidelity package to all involved! I love all the new releases this year .. where else could we possibly have the opportunity to fly all these wonderful cold-war aircraft? Indebted to you all!!!
  2. This will add to a long line of additions and modifications that Volker has added/made to the model including .. ..a full set of specific weapons (HAF specific also) ..corrected landing gear animations ..re-constructed and refined canopy mechanism and animation (this was hard..) ..corrected, re-constructed tail-hook mechanism and animation ..corrected dive brake animation ..addition of braking (drag)parachute ..multitude of adjustments to the cockpit to get additional switches/functions operational ..currently working on totally scratch built RF-5a nose (I'd given up on this in frustration .. it's that hard!!) .. lots of love, encouragement and a lot of patience.. and I've probably forgotten to mention half a dozen other things, so hat's off to the man!
  3. Absolutely superb!! Looks and flies great!! congratulations!!
  4. Art and engineering at their best! Volker, you are the master..
  5. Is this terrain available? ..mandatory screenshot..
  6. That's way over my head for the moment Russ .. I'll have to think about it some more even though I think that the nose gear extension on the NF-5a operated independently of flap operation..thanks!!
  7. Thanks for that info on the CF-5a nose strut extension system..very interesting. I only had the info regarding the 3 flap settings (UP, LE, FULL), but don't know if I've implemented the LE position (leading edge flap deployment only).. I'll have to check..
  8. I don't know if this is possible .. anyone know?
  9. Correct.. If you notice, I've modelled different (F-5E style) forward undercarriage for the NF-5a together with all the other little changes specific to the NF-5a version (aux-doors mid-fuselage, under-fuselage airscoops, chaff/flare dispensers etc..)
  10. ..and a dedicated NF-5a and Vietnam F-5C..
  11. Hello Stratos, she's been 99,9 % finished for nearly 2 years.. it's some tedious detailed texture work on things like wheel wells and ejection seat mechanism etc.. that need to be done; I'm trying to find the time but Real Life is a bitch!!! I've promised myself to find the time over the summer and get her out to the community. The RF-5a still needs the nose to be modelled properly (hopefully I or RavenClaw, who has contributed immensely to this product, will take another stab at it.. ..and believe it or not, I've even got the F-5B at 75%. Thanks for your incredible patience all
  12. OMFG!! Congratulations bazillius, man, this is one of the best packages I've ever seen! I can see you've put lots of Love in both the external model and the cockpit... not to mention the textures.. work of Art!
  13. Hello, Looks fantastic! Could we see a cockpit shot at that resolution? Thanks!
  14. It's now back online.. just got me DLC 29

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