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  1. Windows 7

    Thank you. That is rather what I thought.
  2. Windows 7

    I posted elsewhere about this, but is that the answer? It won't run in Window 7 64 bit?
  3. I am trying to install Phase 2 into 64 bit Windows 7, but get an error involving MSSTDFMT.DLL. Can this module be installed, or isn't OFF Phase 2 compatible with Windows 7?
  4. Wingman commands?

    Thank you. Maybe I'll give FE2 a try.
  5. Returning to the Fold

    Thank you.
  6. After a false start a year or so ago I have been getting back into First Eagles, but I am stuck with adding weapons. I know it involves SFP1E, but when I try to extract a file using it I get an error message: Error accessing external object property filename. Is this because I have moved to WIndows 7, do you suppose? If I upgrade to FE2, how exactly is it better? Will my old FE addons still work, and will it get round the problem with adding weapons?
  7. Wingman commands?

    Could you give a bit more detail, please? I am in the same position. Also, will I be able to use my old FE addon a/c and repaints?
  8. Returning to the fold

    Thank you.
  9. After two years away I feel the need for some WW1 action again. I still have a lot of addons, but what do I need to get started? I have the basic game and two early patches, but no Expansion. Am I right that with the November 2008 update I don't need the patches or the April 2008 update either?
  10. Wingmen won't shoot?

    I've built a couple of missions for First Eagles. If you attack the target without giving the "Engage ground" order, you'll be on your own: the wingmen will fly right over it, but without dropping their bombs. Give the order, though, and they'll do their stuff.
  11. Wingmen won't shoot?

    While in flight, are you using the "Engage air" and "Engage ground" commands?
  12. Albatros Missions?

    If those are the ones I posted, it was very early on, before either patch was released. It's possible there's a connection, but I should think it's your Albatros needs looking at, as Firecage suggests.
  13. Hitting the Zeppelins

    So to get it straight, if we take off manually the flight will follow, and if we shift to autopilot after the second waypoint they will continue to do so? My thinking about adjusting the waypoints was so that that would happen sooner after takeoff.
  14. Hitting the Zeppelins

    Thanks Tailspin - that's useful to know. Next time, then, I'll have a couple of waypoints close to the takeoff and mention it in the readme.
  15. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...ode=sst&id=4443 File Name: First Eagles: Hitting the Zeppelins (Avro)File Submitter: dhasdell File Submitted: 4 Apr 2007 File Category: Missions/Campaigns Hitting the Zeppelins (Avro 504D) Requires Flanders terrain from Combat Ace and Bortdafarm's Avro 504D, Fokker EIII and Fokker DII, all available from http://www.ebort2.co.uk/FE.html. Just drop into the Missions folder of First Eagles. This mission allows a flight of Avro's to take off from St Pol, attack a Zeppelin base near Zeebrugge and return home. Enemy fighters may or may not appear. I have deliberately kept it simple because when tested, it worked. Click here to download this file

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