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  1. I have played the movie about 20 times so far - jsut love it to death. If I didn't already own the game and I saw this demo I would by 10 of the games lol Fantastic demo :) Morgano
  2. Yes, you can also just press CTRL and R which does the same but how do I get to record my voice w2ith my mic like in some of the downloadable training missions that are on the web. In the manual there is a key to start voice recording but this doesn't work for me or do I have to keep it pressed down to talk. Thanks Morgano
  3. Thanks for the info. I will give it a go :)
  4. Hello All, I have managed to record a flight I have just done but the voice did not come out. All I did was open the mission CTRL-R and the mission starts. Then I hit 0 (Zero) on the normal keyboard which in the manual says "Turns on microphone for recording mission playback" Do I have to configure the mic in the game also. I normally use Roger wilco to voive chat with friends but is there something I am missing? Thanks in advance Morgano
  5. Hello All, I am running through some of the A-10 mission and am having trouble with a Tunguska. It gets me every time, just wondering are there any Anti Radar Missile I can equip on my loadout or is there something that I should know :) Thanks in advance guys and gals Morgano

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