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  1. Hi again Finally I got the falklands alternate terrain working and it is really amazing!! The problem now is that the airfields in Argentina have disappeared ¿¿?? The lights are there but there are no runways. I tried all the airbases (Rio Gallegos, Rio Grande, San Julian...) but none ot them have runway. Any idea of how can I fix that? Best regards,
  2. Hi all Sorry for refloating a 3 years old post. I'm a total newbie in SF2 (only two weeks in my HD) but I have installed Falklands/Malvinas redux mod without any issue, then I have installed the alternate terrain but I can't see any difference with the standard terrain ¿? I have 4 folders in \terrain: Falklands Falklands_1982 Falklands_1983 Malvinas Could you please provide a detailed install intructions for the alternate terrain mod? Do I have to mod any other *.ini file? Moreover, as I am very insterested in Falklands / Malvinas war, can you tell me is there is any other mods for this conflict? Best regards

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