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  1. She's for sale at Everett Aero at the moment.
  2. Hey Slack Asses......

    Well.....,there was the??? Nope I tell a lie, it was the.......ah, no didn't happen either. Other than that we all got older.
  3. View File RF-101 Camo 2 Skins for Erikgen's Superb RF-101 Voodoo. Please read the readme. Submitter Sundowner Submitted 04/13/2018 Category F-101  
  4. View File Fairey Vanquish B2 "What if" Britains 4th V Bomber. Submitter Sundowner Submitted 04/13/2018 Category What If Hangar  
  5. RF-101 Camo

    Version 1.0.0


    2 Skins for Erikgen's Superb RF-101 Voodoo. Please read the readme.
  6. Fairey Vanquish B2

    Version 1.0.0


    "What if" Britains 4th V Bomber.
  7. Maybe one of our "programmer" friends can make a mission editor that could allow the placement of flight(s) with ramp start positions and taxi positions and maybe even the positioning of parked aircraft, although this would possibly need it to write to the airfield data.ini as well as a mission file. I'm sure Kreelin's old editor did something like this for SF1.
  8. I was going to rustle up a pit for this but I've got bored so it uses Del's excellent B1 pit, hopefully I'll get it uploaded next weekend.
  9. You cant call anyone a thief just because summat shares the same locations etc.........just think about skinning, we'd all have to draw the lines, rivets marking etc in different places just to stop us accusing somebody of pinching our work.....just assuming that the whatever was totally accurate in the first place. If base layouts are correct then there's nowt to stop anyone making their version of it. The terrain might be yours but ALL the objects etc are almost certainly not. Just because I've been here since day one dosent mean I cant tell somebody not to release summat I've already done freeware agreement or not. It would be a big task to prove anything in reality.
  10. And there was me thinking this was a "TEAM" effort.......just add it to the long list of "teasers" that never get released because they never get totally finished.
  11. Come on guys calm down, this is an ongoing problem we are all running into nowadays, there's nothing new to do anymore, everything we do is basically an improvement (hopefully) of something that's already been done. I can see how sometimes a guy can get a little pissed when one of these mods comes about, hell it's happened to me more than a few times and I guess it will again, it can be frustrating when we've spent months & months sorting out something full of bugs and glitches and then someone decides to do things a little differently. This need not be a replacement for an existing terrain more of an optional version. I personally am not worried about 100% accuracy just playability and having fun.
  12. Lol!! I knew what I meant......it should be anti slip.
  13. I'm afraid the place is full of this kinda stuff nowadays. It only takes one line of ini editing or a quick change of contrast or something like on a skin = instant hero/master modder.

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