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  1. No worries m8, I did take it that you were trying to put down what the guy was trying to do but I do also see your point......we all have our pet likes and dislikes regarding what happens within SF. ps, keep your great work.
  2. Does it really matter what an individual wants to do with their game [ keywords being THEIR and GAME ] be it realistic or not ? The game offers the option to start in the air ....how realistic is that? They are not cheats, they are just another way of using what TK made available........hell we even have moon and mars stuff being worked on.....how "realistic" is that ? Like Wrench, I've been with the SF series since day one and seen sooooooo many cheats/workarounds call them what you like, but they are what keep folks interested in SF, it's the whole idea of being mod-able......letting the end user enjoy the game as they want to. Just my opinion...
  3. Nearly done with this now.....
  4. Very nice m8........hope you're not expecting this kind of detail from anything I do...
  5. What you are doing is exactly what I've done with the Sea Vixen m8......the whole lot is basically a highly modified clone of the original, again I started with a freeware .obj file which like you say needs lots of fixing......to put it mildly.
  6. Thanks, although I cant take all the credit here. I did'nt make the original model I downloaded it from the net [freeware of course] it looked pretty good to start with but I have to admit that the only part I havent needed to to completely re-do has been the radome....so far, the area around the cockpit being one that I keep returning to as I'm still not 100% happy with it. I'm too lazy to start a model from scratch but I might as well have done really as once I started skinning it that's when I realised just how far out most of it was.... every single part has been totally remapped and changed in one way or another.
  7. Thanks gents... Must be getting closer if I've started sea trials....
  8. The exploding on exiting or entering the pit is an old issue....there is a fix but I cant for the life of me remember what it was......something to do with the pit .col lods .......I think. Kreelins mission editor was a great tool....sadly missed.
  9. The ai probably keep turning because they dont know where to taxi to......maybe a series of taxi waypoints are needed before the take off point. This is where a more sofisticated mission editor would be useful.
  10. If its for use in a StrikeFighters based game I dont think there's a lot other you can do.......if the original (TW) files are perfect to start with what are you supposed to do ?? Make yours the "less perfect" version ?? I think not.
  11. A long time favourite of mine, I know we already have Skippy's old model but I'd like something a little more detailed,.....so........ A loooooooooong way to go........gear animation is driving me nuts.. Then the pit....

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