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  1. F-100F is designed for SF1 and the loadout ini is setup for SF1/YAP weapons, you'll need to mess around with the aircraft data ini and loadout ini to get stuff to show, not a big job really.
  2. seriously, your best solution is to forget whatever you did in SF1 and just start all over again with SF2.........or go back to SF1.
  3. You dont need an alpha channel for jpeg or bmp to work, even though screenshot .bmp's are saved with one.
  4. Maybe these.... https://combatace.com/forums/topic/34722-camera-as-bombsight/?tab=comments#comment-222003 https://combatace.com/forums/topic/78480-yak-28b-brewer-stand-in-cockpit/?tab=comments#comment-625861 https://combatace.com/forums/topic/70606-starys-modded-viewlist-help/?tab=comments#comment-560385
  5. In all fairness you don't need to extract anything from any cats to run the basic game, all sounds etc should work fine, like wrench said you just needed to get used to running SF2 as stock for a few days to make sure everything was working as it should be, then and only then should you try to change one thing at a time, it's easier for people to give you an answer if we have a known good starting point.......which we dont.
  6. Use Mue's cat extractor tool to extract the cats in the main SF2 directory(s), you use his lod viewer by selecting the aircraft main ini.....not data ini.
  7. If you've now go SF2 just get used to running the basic sim for a day or two, see where things are kept, dont try to run before you can walk, it will only end in fustration.
  8. This is what 1 of my modded installs looks like......
  9. Nope, ALL SF2 series lods are locked away, always have been.
  10. You dont need to extract the lod just read it. All you are after are the mesh names of the part you want to move, you will not be making any changes to the lod itself. Dont matter if its TW or 3rd party.
  11. Yep that's what I mean, I know to hide something you usually move it right out of sight of the pit itself, so I suppose to move it you would need to move the mesh by just a small ammount. I'm not 100% sure on this so please back up your stuff before you screw up your pit altogether........hopefully some of the more experienced pit guys will chip in here.
  12. Have you tried actually moving the mesh part ?

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