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  1. Check ride.... Trees, Trails & Streams Local town River crossing in the shallows All objects, trees, rivers etc are placed within 1meter of their real world locations...................................
  2. Pffff.....always late to the party........
  3. Random shots.... 600+ Tiles + 600+ TODs + hi res HFD + 4096x4096 skins = pretty heavy going...& that's before we get to the target area..
  4. I think it has to to created like an afterburner can would be......& for the life of me I cant remember the process at the moment..... Sorry to be of no use whatsoever....
  5. There's a group of folks "Revamping" the whole YAP experience, they post over at SimHq and have a facebook group, try them m8.
  6. They have a facebook page where you need to register with them..........I think. Here it is https://www.facebook.com/groups/196048232552494 They also post previews etc on the Thirdwire forum at SimHQ
  7. Just a couple of pics for now m8. . These are my usual "go to" references.
  8. So far I've only been able to find 1 photo that actually shows a Shrike being carried during the war although they were commonly used, normal standard load out of 1 Shrike on each inboard pylon + 2 wing tanks & 2 Sparrows in the rear wells. Mk 80 Rockeye appears to be after Yom Kippur from what I'm seeing. I'll keep digging m8.
  9. That photograph was just an airshow static loadout, rockets and aim9 were never carried together operationally.
  10. I just paint my roads onto the tiles as needed using layers in photoshop, once you get the knack of getting them to join up correctly it really doesn't take too long to do. So far in my Vietnam terrain I have between 15 and 25ish different road tiles for each type of surface.....grass, forest, fields etc etc, the stock ones are way to repetitive for my liking. I never use the TE.....it's waaaaaaayyyyy to much hassel for my simple mind, just paint 'em in PS & load 'em the the good old TFD tool & the jobs done......Then I make the TOD's to suit using Mue's superb Tod editor. Same goes for rivers, not rocket science really.
  11. Dusk on the Delta..... 400+ tiles on this terrain & I haven't even started the Mangrove swamps yet.
  12. Hello Sir...just a quick note to say they reinstated my account...Pete


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