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  1. It's full name was RAF Martlesham Heath, looking pretty good to me but I'll have a look through my books and see if there's any good photos for you.
  2. Time for a bit of flying today......
  3. Have you tried changing the Co-Pilot entry of the external model to something that uses the "ShowfromCockpit=False" entry?
  4. Thanks Carlo.......pm sent....
  5. Nothing to do with the "PRESSURE_ALTIMETER_2" or 3 type thing is it??
  6. I could do with a "volunteer" to give this thing a look over if any body has any spare time............
  7. Its called a Robin hangar, there's one about 20 miles from me near to RAF Shawbury.
  8. What size are your tiles? for grass runways you could just paint them on, although it would mean different tiles for each airfield.........hmm, maybe not, just thinking out loud.
  9. Nah, go with the camo version, the more diverse the terrain the better, most large important structures ie factories etc also got camoflaged in some way, walls and roofs were usually done green and black, hell they even filled in a lake near me to prevent the bombers from using it as a navigation point for the nearby Crewe works/railyard and Rolls Royce factories. More instances here.... https://heritagecalling.com/2019/10/07/the-story-of-camouflage-during-the-second-world-war/
  10. http://www.airportofcroydon.com/RAF.html...........
  11. I dont think any of us has the original max file for the pit
  12. Colour photos are mainly a modern re-colouring job so not usually too reliable for the actual shades used, personally I'd just grub it up a fair bit & maybe make the high tide marks a little higher and darker......again during that time frame the Thames through London was little more than a huge open sewer/dumping ground for the various industry. Another useful site for AA locations etc..... http://www.anti-aircraft.co.uk/

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