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  1. Interesting twist to this, just as a trial I moved ALL the TOD's out of the terrain folder but left GroundObjectDetail=3 as is. Back in game we had clouds back down to 5500-6000 feet again. I then put back just ONE TOD that contained trees........clouds now back to 12000 feet again. Like I say this stuff is beyond me but maybe if Mue or Stary were still about they might be able to shed a little light on the subject. Single TOD being used.
  2. Just resurrecting an old thread here, quite by accident last night I noticed that the clouds are now linked to the GroundObjectDetail= setting, I know its probably been known for ages but it appears that any setting that uses the Terrain TOD's shoves the cloud base up to 10-12,000 feet where as no TOD's at all let it back down to about 5,500 - 6000 feet........has there ever been a workaround for this ? I do know it's to do with Z buffers and things way over my head...
  3. Blimey, I didn't realise it was 10 years ago, if I get chance this weekend I'll do an updated SF2 version.
  4. Already done it a while back, should be in the downloads.
  5. How about using the Nightlight On part of the cockpit ini ? Change the colour to an intense green , change the cone angle etc, don't know if it would work but it might be worth a try.
  6. A screenshot from 10 years ago.......
  7. Blimey ! For the first time in ages I've logged into my old Photobucket account, there's a folder in there called SF_2007 ! There is stuff in it even I'd forgot about, here's one showing the triple pod on a TER setup I had back then.......
  8. Supermarine Cyclone...................Project..........CANCELLED.
  9. Blimey, I'd forgot that one, you can soon set up a dummy mer/ ter and the attachment points in the aircraft data ini, then build the custom loadouts to suit. You can go crazy with station specific weapons etc and end up with any combination you need, I can even hang a single pod on a ter if needed or even a combination of 2 mk82 bombs and an ecm pod on one pylon an 3 mk82s on the other. Using custom loadouts is a great thing but you need to go through the mission editor to be able to select them. One thing I have done in the past is set up certain aircraft for just mud moving and another version for A/A, that way you can free up a station or two.
  10. I have the max files, but in my opinion as one of the original Mirage Factory who worked on it, this and any other MF work should now stay for SF use only, there's a lot of work been done to them since Oli passed away.

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