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  1. Try setting it to the same as another terrain, might work.
  2. Try installing it someplace other than "program files".
  3. Pre-Falklands FRS1?

    Hmmmm, sorry I lied, I've not done these for the updated model in the Falklands pack. Once the FA2 is sorted I'll get onto the FRS1 templates again or I might chop FA2 model about and make an FRS1 from it. Watch this space.
  4. Pre-Falklands FRS1?

    Erm....... I might have some....
  5. I could do with a couple of volunteers to try this thing out for me......any takers?
  6. Can some-one explain to me the best ( simplest ) way to make distance lods and how many should be made?
  7. CAP2 Development Round-up

    Blimey, I thought this thing was dead.
  8. All 120+ ALARM missiles fired during the first Gulf War were fired from the under fuselage stations. The original wiring was for the inboard wing pylons until they realised they'd have nowhere to hang the Hindenburg's..... Side of pylon mounting came later.
  9. Did you install DX 9.0c? This is an issue I had a while back, once I ran the installer everything was fine.
  10. Yep, spot on mate. Excellent!!
  11. Superb work, I'm glad you haven't given up on it.
  12. I think myself and Crusader are the only two original (as in since its formation) active members of the mirage factory still going. I was member no5. I still have Oli's original listing of the members somewhere, there were less than a dozen of us when we first set it up and Crab_02 and C5 were the only non European members of the team.We all had our own "specialist" departments for who did what and worked on what.......ah the good old days. Rip Oli mate.

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