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  1. If anybody would like to test the FAA versions for me before I upload them please let me know...... I've also given the basic ( as in non clipped wings) version the same treatment.......just dont really have time to make new skins for them.......they've all been done so many times before anyway.
  2. I need some help here from our pit experts, working on the Sea Harrier FA2 pit. Is there a way to make the 5 weapons station selector switches use-able more than once? Seing as we can hang differing weapons on any particular pylon, I've tried all kinds of entries but cant get any of them to work for more than once. If I were to set them as: [PortOuterPylonSW] Type=WEAPON_TYPE_ID NodeName=LOuter_Arm MovementType=ROTATION_X Set[01].Position=30.0 Set[01].Value=0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=1 ItemNumber=1 What would be the best way to set up the value and position entries? I'm guessing Value= would be my weapon, and Position= is the angle of the switch? Do I still need the ItemNumber entry? Or am I just wasting my time??? I was trying all sorts of stuff a few weeks back until my little brain could take no more.... Any help would help this thing see the light of day.
  3. Having fun with this.......just about done I reckon.
  4. All markings are currently painted on, I dont have enough information about serials unit codes etc to make up decals so I've just chosen a few pictures from the web for that individual aircraft. If anybody wants to make decal sets for them let me know.....
  5. Seeing as the Harrier FA2 was driving me nuts I decided to take a break from it and give this old girl a re vamp, this was the first aircraft I'd skinned from scratch and also the first MF factory bird I worked on. 2006 I think it was. Myself and Oli spent many nights discussing it. RIP my friend. A fair bit of max work needed doing and a lot has been remapped along with bump/spec maps etc.
  6. Model about 80% rebuilt & remapped...... Pit........I hate working on pits, but its getting there, it'll never be 100% accurate though.
  7. Just maybe a little off topic, but has anyone ever compiled a list of what we lost and gained at each patch level?
  8. I think that the lack of response to this topic is a sure sign that most of us believe it's a non starter, it's easy for any number of folks to say they would pay TK to get back on board.....but when it comes to actually coughing up the dough just how many would? I wouldn't. While we think there my still be lots to be had from this game, TK certainly doesn't or he would never have dumped it in the first place.
  9. Can't you just make the 66 decals or however many you need and tell one model to use decals 1-33 and the other model to use 34-66 if you know what I mean. Or is it something like decal start no=33, decal end no=00
  10. An excellent mod and a great write up, thanks MB.
  11. Check the windows error logs, they usually point to the area where you need to start looking, terrain, missile, etc etc.
  12. Somewhere.... I have at least 2 skins done for EVERY ANG unit, it's something I did a few years ago now, I wanted to try to do every F-4 unit in every camo scheme they'd used. I don't think they all ever got released as there was just too many plus I thought it was just me that was that much of a Phantom Phanitic.
  13. Have you tried using the "RotatingPylon=True" ini entry to get the weps to stay with the animated wingfold?

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