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  1. what am I doing now?

    keep it up guys!!!! if you can finish there will be no more wallmart! all the best, uhoh7
  2. Clickable Cockpits?

    clickable 3D pit without performance hit, and of course with keyboard equivilants would be awesome-- then everyone would be happy hehe keep it up! uhoh7
  3. Ac Visibility

    icons are SO UGLY..... yet it can be very hard to spot AC and vehicles without them. Lomac jets are very hard to see from another plane, unless you have them padlocked. Il2 fb, much better. wVr, hehe means just that! all the best, uhoh7
  4. I know you guys are paying attention to this stuff... terrain mask ability from all radars in so crucial to good game play. This is currently broken in Lomac as regards to Awacs. Also to model datalink as true as possible. Lomac projects straight "god's eye view" to mfd of su-27. The f15 has to rely on radio updates. Also the RWR in lomac is not always sensitive to the differences in radar modes, e.g. it detects lock from TWS mode which is wrong. These little things make such a diff when you get good players in a game. ty uhoh7
  5. Ogl Or D3d..??

    Bard has a point. One thing lomac lacks is the ability to turn things off in degrees. i.e. for lomac i have to turn off sound accelleration, then back on for f4 or il2 (even though i have a fast rig) this is so silly.....why not just a sound setup interface like il2 in lomac? oh well... but you get my point. Lomac has really set the bar on terrain and towns and cities. The damage models for buildings are incredible. Great sim, but lots little missing pieces. all the best to you guys and thank you for all the detailed info.
  6. What Do You Want More??

    "Graphics attract the gamer. Realism stimulates the mind. Multiplayer forms the community. Expansions prolong the game life. Fun holds the gamer to the product." well said sir
  7. Will It Have A Mission Editor?

    One great feature of IL2 FMB is that when you place an object, you can go to 3d mode to view how the object appears from any angle. Also il2 alows the placement of over 300 "objects", trees, buildings, etc Lomac has niether of these features. What Lomac does really well is weather. You have all kinds of variables. Another fan, uhoh7
  8. i cannot get past first mission on this one. My bvr never sees anything on hud, though bandits show on mfd, so i cannot lock till i'm under 10k. Serious disadvantage hehe, has anyone played through this campaign? help! uhoh7
  9. feel for ya bro.... but "this game sucks".... better "my computer sucks" which is more accurate hehe thing plays awesome if you have a real fast machine. hope you get into it oh yeah, buyers remorse? 40.00 you can drink that in an hour S! uhoh7
  10. Multiplayer?

    Hope you will give us a sim that works well online. I suggest you study the IL2 interface closely, as it is currently the best out there. Crucial: chat which does not interfere with game play. Lomac is way behind the curve here. Messages that let players know what is happening, whith option to turn them off. Easy accesible info on pings. Abiltiy of host to change settings with the game up, espcially tod and icons. Please give us some good icon options like IL2. Crucial: cheat protection for online play. again il2fb is the model here, while CFS2 and 3 are terrible in this respect. Good luck uhoh7
  11. Su25!!!

    nice work sal!!! can you give us something like that for air to air in the mig and f-15? S! uhoh7

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